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    "The Craft" Almost Had A Very Different Cast, And I'm Honestly Pretty Into It

    Apparently they WEREN'T the weirdos, Mister.

    Let's cut to the chase: The Craft is one of the most criminally underrated movies of all time.

    It has literally everything a '90s movie fan could want: witches, chokers, practical effects, maxi skirts, a young Skeet Ulrich...WITCHES.

    And, with rumors of a reboot in the making, it's difficult to imagine a more perfect cast that the original four girls.

    However, the film's casting director recently told Entertainment Weekly that, while Neve Campbell was always their ultimate choice for the original film, they screen-tested a few other actresses who may sound ~familiar~.

    Those actresses being Alicia Silverstone...

    Scarlett Johansson...

    ...and Angelina Jolie.

    Like...CAN YOU IMAGINE?!

    The casting director went on to explain that Campbell was by far the "biggest" name at the time, due to her popularity on the show Party of Five, which ultimately won her the role.

    Still, I'm shook to my core by the thought of all of these ladies together, and I'm holding out for some kind of massive, all-inclusive reboot.

    H/T Popsugar