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    15 Fan Theories So Darn Good, You'll Never Be Able To Watch These Movies The Same Way Again

    Don't worry, none of them are "They were dead the whole time."

    Hello, fellow movie lovers! We're once again taking a deep dive back down into our personal favorite corner of Reddit — the subreddit r/FanTheories — to examine even more of the wildest fan theories out there about some of our favorite films!

    Ready? I sure hope so! Here we go:

    1. In The Matrix, the "blue pill" was actually a poison that would've killed Neo rather than send him back.

    2. The heart of Te Fiti was keeping Moana’s grandmother alive in Moana.

    3. It's a Wonderful Life is a vintage version of The Truman Show.

    4. The Handbook for the Recently Deceased in Beetlejuice is needlessly complicated on purpose — unless you’re truly "strange and unusual."

    5. Paolo never lied to Lizzie in The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and Isabella was the real villain.

    6. In the Terminator franchise, Terminators are unwilling slaves forced against their will to serve Skynet.

    7. Simba is directly responsible for causing the drought in The Lion King.

    8. In The Blair Witch Project, Mike and Josh used Heather's interest in making a documentary to trick her into the woods to murder her.

    9. The child seen playing with the puppet of Woody in Toy Story 2 was Andy’s dad.

    10. The shooting range test in Men in Black was never about shooting at all — it was about bullshitting.

    11. Aunt Bethany in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation seems so disoriented because she's the only one sensitive to the shifting Griswold Multiverse.

    12. Janice from Mean Girls is the daughter of Veronica and J.D. from Heathers.

    13. Tyler Durden's physical appearance in Fight Club is literally meant to be Brad Pitt, the actor.

    14. No Country for Old Men is an allegory about the underworld.

    15. And finally — Dumbledore is Death from "The Tale of the Three Brothers" story in the Harry Potter franchise.

    Which fan theory listed is your favorite? Do you have a wild fan theory of your own? Share yours in the comments below! OH, and be sure to check out r/fantheories for even more fun!

    Note: Some fan theories have been edited for length and/or clarity.