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The Members Of Fall Out Boy Looked Unrecognizable On The 2019 Grammys Red Carpet

This glow-up IS more than I bargained for.

Hello, I'm Allie, and I'm passionate about exactly three things in this life: Cats, horror movies, and emo kid glow-ups.

And tonight on the 2019 Grammys red carpet, I witnessed the single most important, most breath-taking, most...I guess you could say it was MORE than I bargained for, emo kid glow-up of all time.

It was Fall Out Boy looking like a full meal, sides, AND a drink. Their glow-up is the greatest emo kid glow-up of all time. Here ARE your boys tonight, and I KNOW they are gentlemen:

Seriously, the glow-up of this band is astounding. Here's Fall Out Boy in 2005, at the HEIGHT of all things emo, looking very, "I'll tell you that I'll have your daughter home by 10p.m., but really we're going to sneak in through her back window at 2a.m.":

And here's Fall Out Boy NOW, appearing more along the lines of "Your daughter and I have been in a mutually respectful courtship for months and I'd like to request her hand in holy matrimony and then maybe play her a tune":

To be even more granular, let's break this down further, showing them at the 2006 Grammys vs. the 2019 Grammys. First up we have lead singer Patrick Stump, the hat-wearing, confusing-lyric-singing extraordinaire:

And then Pete Wentz, the lyric-writing, bass-playing icon and face of emo-boys everywhere:

Then we have guitar-swinging rock star Joe Trohman:

And finally, Andy Hurley who, fun fact, INVENTED playing the drums:

So, uh, yeah...there ya have it. Fall Out Boy wins the 2019 Grammy for Best Emo Kid Glow-Up (an award I 100% just invented, but is also the best award, so don't @ me).