Christian Bale Appeared At The Toronto Film Festival Looking Like A Different Person And It's Blowing My Mind

    "I'm just eating a lot of pies."

    So Christian Bale is a very talented actor who tends to get ~absorbed~ by his roles.

    Whether he's playing an insomniac factory worker in 2004's The Machinist.

    Or a badass Bruce Wayne in 2005's Batman Begins.

    Or a loan-sharking con man in 2013's American Hustle.

    One thing's for sure, Bale commits to his roles BODY and soul.

    But his most recent transformation is truly next-level, as he's slowly morphing to fit his current role of former Vice President Dick Cheney in Adam McKay's biopic.

    Some perspective: The photo on the left was taken April 18, 2017, and the photo on the right was taken Sept. 11, 2017.

    You cannot tell me this man does not have shape-shifting abilities (alongside his method-acting prowess, of course).

    Anyway, you can hear Bale talk more about getting into character with Variety while at the Toronto Film Festival.

    Christian Bale says he's been eating "lots of pies" to look like former VP Dick Cheney for upcoming film…

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