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What Children's Movie Moment Is Really Just A Horror Movie Scene In Disguise?

Willy Wonka is just Jigsaw with a chocolate factory, fight me.

Hello and welcome! In this house we LOVE horror movies (and by "this house" I mean, like, specifically me as a human person).

However, one thing I realized not too long ago is that the reason I love horror films as an adult is because A LOT of my favorite films from childhood are actually hardcore horror films in clever disguises.

So, what's a movie made and marketed for children that contains a specific scene or moment that could VERY EASILY just be straight out of a horror film?

Maybe the dip (and, you know, general murder) from Who Framed Roger Rabbit gave you nightmares for years.

Or perhaps Willy Wonka's full-on nervous breakdown in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory left you avoiding candy for a while.

Heck, maybe it was an animated movie, like the "Hellfire" song from The Hunchback of Notre Dame that had you avoiding churches well into adulthood.

Share the children's movie moment that you think is, basically, just a horror movie moment in disguise and WHY it's so scary in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post or video!