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    9 Awesome Things We Learned During The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Panel At San Diego Comic-Con

    "The Nine-Nine lives!"

    This year at San Diego Comic-Con, Brooklyn Nine-Nine had its very own panel, which featured some of the show's main cast and producers. Here's what we learned:

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    1. The entire cast was on a massive group text during the fateful cancellation scare.


    “We were all on a big WhatsApp chain,” said Terry Crews, when asked how he handled learning that the show was cancelled. “There was immense sadness, I didn’t know what was up or down…it felt like a family splitting up.”

    2. They are just as excited as fans are that the show’s not cancelled.


    The panel opened with a montage of clips and, honestly, it felt like watching someone you love literally rising from the dead. The audience went wild at the chant "The Nine-Nine lives!" And, when asked about what it was like to learn they'd been picked up for another season, the cast could barely hide their excitement. “I got a text that said, ‘NBC said yes,'” said producer Dan Goor. “Then I texted everybody. I texted random numbers in my phone. I texted ex-girlfriends.”

    3. The “title of your sex tape” joke is something that they all consistently do whenever they're together, on and off screen.


    Throughout the hour-long panel, there was a countless number of "title of your sex tape" jokes, which is a running gag on the show. "Just let him have it," said Melissa Fumero, after sticking up for Goor when Andy Samberg was giving him a hard time. This prompted both Goor and Samberg to yell "TITLE OF YOUR SEX TAPE" at her.

    4. The writers are back, and the show is currently five weeks into pre-production.


    “We’ve got a bunch of scripts, we’ve got a bunch of stories,” said Goor. “You guys, spoiler alert, but this season’s going to be REALLY good.”

    5. Boyle will, of course, be the most affected by Jake and Amy’s marriage.


    “He’ll be on the honeymoon!” said Joe Lo Truglio. He then went on to joke about how Crew's character, Terry Jeffords, would likely have to create barriers between the married couple and their obsessive BFF. "I'm going to have to spend all of season six just pulling Boyle away from them," said Crews.

    6. This season will include a Hitchcock and Scully flashback episode.

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    The two bumbling police officers received a lot of love during the panel, with fans going crazy pretty much every time they spoke. "There's a fun Hitchcock and Scully episode coming up," said Goor, when he was asked if he could hint at anything from the upcoming season. "We might see them in their past at some point...that's a little nugget."

    7. Rosa's bisexuality storyline was based, in part, on actor Stephanie Beatriz's own life experiences.


    The panel audience went WILD at the mere mention of Beatriz, and many of the fan questions were actually young women thanking Beatriz for bringing bi visibility to a network TV show. "I was thrilled," said Beatriz, "and it reflected, for me, the reality of my own life."

    8. Gina Rodriguez gave up her vacation to appear in the episode about Rosa's bisexuality and shot all of her scenes in a single day.


    "She's a good friend of mine and she wants to come back, but it's a matter of scheduling," said Beatriz, when asked if we'd see Rodriguez's character in the sixth season. "What you guys don't know is that it takes five days for us to shoot an episode and she did all her takes in one day. She literally gave up her vacation to come do it."

    9. And finally, and most importantly, the actor who plays Scully pretty much acts exactly like his character.


    While being introduced by the panel moderator, the cast came to the stage in ways that were incredibly reminiscent of their characters, but the most on-brand was actor Joel McKinnon Miller, as he literally didn't hear his own name and came out to the panel late, leaving the rest of the cast confused as to where he'd gone.

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