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    The First Teaser For "Black Widow" Is Here And So Are All Of The Jokes About It

    "I’d let Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz push me down a flight of stairs..."

    Let's cut right to the chase: Today we were blessed with the very first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated* Black Widow standalone film, and it looks INCREDIBLE:

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    Marvel Studios / Via

    *And by "highly anticipated" here, I mean most of us have literally been waiting 8+ years for this freakin' movie.

    Naturally, fans of the MCU positively lost their gosh darn minds with excitement, resulting in some truly hilarious reactions. Here are just a few of the best:

    1. This A+ challenge:

    the only 10 year challenge that matters #blackwidow

    2. This Disney+ crossover:

    Me when I saw #DavidHarbour as #RedGuardian in that #BlackWidowTrailer

    3. This family trade-off:

    4. This holiday cheer:

    Major angry Santa vibes. #BlackWidowTrailer @DavidKHarbour

    5. This perfect meme repurpose:

    6. This magical moment:

    SAME ENERGY #BlackWidow #BlackWidowTrailer

    7. This art in motion:

    Me @ the Natasha vs Yelena fight scene in the #BlackWidowTrailer

    8. This mighty morphin costume competition:

    Who wore it better?? Taskmaster or Lord Zedd #BlackWidowTrailer #BlackWidow #MMPR

    9. This incredible pun:

    Florence Pugh in #LittleWomen, Florence Pew Pew in #BlackWidow

    10. This stylish entrance:

    me on my way to the theater on may 1, 2020 to watch #BlackWidow

    11. This stance:

    nobody: natasha romanoff: #BlackWidow

    12. No really, THIS stance:

    13. This cinematic parallel:

    You chase a russian. You become a russian #BlackWidow @DavidKHarbour

    14. This inescapable love:

    15. This butt-kicking excitement:

    I’m so ready to watch Rachel Weisz kick ass in the bw movie #BlackWidow

    16. This aggressive truth:

    I’d let Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz push me down a flight of stairs

    17. This assurance that it was never too late:

    18. This tragic Endgame reminder:

    natasha, stop jumping off from high places towards death challenge #BlackWidow

    19. And finally, this dying wish:

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