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    19 "Among Us" Jokes That Are, Simply Put, Funny As All Heck

    "Seems sus...but okay." —Literally everyone.

    If you're anything like me, you've spent the past couple of weeks doing nothing but playing and/or watching other people play Among Us. It's! Addictive!

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    In its most basic description,* Among Us is a 2018 multiplayer game that takes place in an outer space setting. It sees most of its players as "crewmates" on a spaceship, and a couple of players as sneaky, murderous "impostors." The kicker here is that no one knows who is what. It is the job of the impostors to murder the crewmates without getting caught, and the job of the crewmates to keep the ship running without getting murdered.

    So, with all of that in mind, we went searching through the deepest depths of Twitter and Tumblr to find the absolute BEST jokes and memes about this masterpiece of a game to compile into this easy-to-enjoy list! Here we go:

    1. This relatable parallel:

    the imposter me at work in Among Us 🤝 pretending to engage in tasks to avoid general suspicion

    2. This sneaky impostor:

    3. This betrayal of the worst kind:

    me watching the person who killed me in among us say it’s not them

    4. This unfair reality:

    5. This accurate biblical reimagining:

    jesus: there's an imposter among us luke: judas acting sus

    6. This exhilarating feeling:

    7. This cruel wish on an ex:

    i hope someone steals the color he normally mains in among us

    8. This example of "enjoy the little things":

    9. This perfect visual depiction:

    10. This killer crossover:

    11. This ghost with the most:

    12. This genuine(?) tragedy:

    Me after self reporting a body I just slaughtered 2 seconds ago as an imposter on among us

    13. This sexy, sexy tension:

    14. This baby:

    15. This nightmare task:

    what are ur least favourite tasks in among us and why are they calibrating distributor and starting the reactor

    16. This extra-sus suspect:

    17. This unwavering alibi:

    18. This A+ meme use:

    19. And finally — this expert pun:

    Among Us getting so big you could say its HumongUs

    Be sure to check out Among Us for yourself and, if you like what you see here, click through and follow your favorite accounts on Twitter and Tumblr to make your timelines more hilarious, fun places to be!