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What Movie Sex Scene Was So Incredible, It Should've Won Some Kind Of Award?

Please ~come~ to the stage to accept your award.

I'll say it: Sometimes a sex scene in a movie is so hot, so believable, so should really have been given some kind of award.

New Line Cinema

So, with this in mind, if there was an Academy Award given for "Best Sex Scene in a Motion Picture," which steamy movie scenes* would've FOR SURE taken home the Oscar?

New Line Cinema

*The movie as a whole doesn't have to be Oscar-worthy, just the execution of the sex scene!

Maybe your choice would be an achingly romantic scene that was choreographed within an inch of its life, like the library scene in Atonement (2007).

Focus Features

Or perhaps your choice is a slow burn that finally pays off in an intense burst of passion, like the wildly erotic scene in Carol (2014).


Heck, maybe your choice is from a movie that's not traditionally considered "award worthy" the hilarious calendar girl scene in Deadpool (2016).

20th Century Fox

"Happy International Women's Day!"

Share the sex scene that you think would've won the imaginary "Best Sex Scene in a Motion Picture" Oscar and why you think it's ~earned it~ in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post and/or video!

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Be honest and open, this is a safe space!!!