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24 Jokes That Will Make You Laugh, Then Immediately Say "Oh No"

It's okay, me too.

1. This dainty china set.

2. This helpful father.

3. This relatable pup.

4. This indisputable fact.

5. This prank gone right (to therapy).

6. This genius funeral choice.

7. This tragic sign.

8. This simple question.

9. This auto-correct use.

10. This innocent mix-up.

11. This password problem.

12. This very smart baby.

13. This religious truth.

14. This bragging toilet.

15. This small win.

16. This deep concern.

17. This obvious evil plot.

18. This riveting book series.

19. This famous father.

20. This absolute legend.

21. This calculated flirt.

22. This difficult question.

23. This tragic news update.

24. And finally, this anxiety nightmare.

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