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    22 Things You'll Only Understand If You Grew Up Obsessed With Magic Kingdom At Disney World

    What's a girl gotta do to get a turkey leg around here?

    1. Hey, they don't call Walt Disney World "The Happiest Place on Earth" for no reason, and Magic Kingdom is the real star.

    2. You're so hype that the night before, you cram in as many movies as you can so your body and mind are FULLY ready.

    3. And you always pick out an outfit that's festive AF.

    4. And sing as many of the songs in the car on the way there, of course (probably on cassette tape).

    5. Then that feeling of excitement hits your gut when you see this sign in the distance.

    6. And you pull into the parking lot, which is even NAMED for the magical characters.

    7. Then you walk up and get to go on your very first ~ride~

    8. Followed by the ultimate choice: Monorail or Ferry?

    9. And as you enter the park, you get this map that you pretend like you'll need, even though you high-key know where everything is.

    10. You walk through the gates and the smell of all the delicious Main Street shops whack you right in the childhood.

    11. Then you take the corner, and there she is in all her glory: Cinderella's castle.

    12. But you're no newbie, so you don't get too distracted. Instead, you know to go RIGHT to the popular rides to get your fast passes.

    13. After that, you get in a line with your family and/or friends and have to come up with a game to pass the time.

    14. And you act all cool because you're brave enough to go on The Haunted Mansion (in the daytime).

    15. And you can't forget the smell of the water on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

    16. While the parades are fun, you know that that's the best time to hit all the big rides, since everyone's distracted!

    17. Pro-tip: The same rules go for the fireworks at night.

    18. But, before you leave, you definitely have to get one of these:

    19. And one of these:

    20. And can't forget one of these!

    21. On the way out, you pass other people in a mad rush to get to their cars (and remember where the sweet heck they parked).

    22. All the while thinking about how, even though your day JUST ended, you'll be counting the seconds until you get to go back and do it all again!