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    Sep 9, 2016

    Watching Tom Hanks And Ellen Have A Conversation As Woody And Dory Is The Sweetest Thing You'll See Today

    It's a Pixar-off!

    National treasures Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres just had a conversation as their Pixar characters, Dory and Woody — and it was a freaking delight.

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    Ellen brought up the very exciting fact that Tom Hanks is already working on the upcoming Toy Story 4.

    TheEllenShow / Via

    And then Tom asked Ellen if she's ever shared the experience of having someone with kids see her on an elevator and try to explain to their kids who she is.

    TheEllenShow / Via

    The kids never really buy it, anyway.

    TheEllenShow / Via

    So, Tom Hanks wanted to make the audience believe. He told them all to close their eyes...

    TheEllenShow / Via

    ...and who says no to Tom Hanks?

    TheEllenShow / Via

    Here we go!

    TheEllenShow / Via

    I imagine this on a daily basis, Tom.

    Worlds colliding. Mind exploding. Heart melting.

    TheEllenShow / Via

    Completely here for this.


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