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    Literally Just 23 Pictures Of Dogs In Pajamas

    You're welcome.

    1. Oh, hello there cutie pie.

    mrshinds2001 / Via

    2. D'awwwww, who's a good pup?

    3. That bow. I'm dead.

    harpermaelittlej_doodle / Via

    4. OMG, fluffball alert.

    picathepom / Via

    What half-naked man? All I see is a poofy little angel.

    5. This guy gets all the pretzels he wants.

    valentine_mercury / Via

    Prolly not the beer, tho.

    6. Cannot. Handle. Those. Paws.

    pavelvyhnalek / Via

    7. STAHP. My heart!!!

    griffinfrenchie / Via

    8. What a sweet little bebeh!

    santa_fae / Via

    9. But where will the humans sleep?

    poochon_bella / Via

    Somewhere else apparently, because this queen deserves her own bed.

    10. Nope. Done. Dead.

    georgethecockapoo / Via

    RIP me.

    11. GAH! It's too much cuteness!

    beethoventhefrenchie / Via

    12. Ok, now you're just showing off.

    allthings3rdgrade / Via

    13. Come on. This isn't even fair.

    thisbrowndog / Via

    14. Are you f-ing kidding me with that little face?

    misslolatheyorkie / Via

    15. Slumber party!!!!!

    candy_the_powderpuff / Via

    This dog is my Patronus.

    16. Squee!

    teddyandcharlie / Via

    17. Oh, dear lord.

    dewdewshorkie / Via

    18. Same, buddy. Same.

    bub_z / Via

    19. C'mon. Is that even a real dog?

    difalco626 / Via

    20. I can't even with this one...

    adoodlenamedbentley / Via

    21. This isn't even fair.

    scruffy_in_seattle / Via

    How can anything be this cute?

    22. Goals.

    abigail_iggy / Via

    23. Yes, fine. I will give you ALL the treats!

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