Can You Guess Why Ross Geller Is Freaking Out From A Screenshot?

It’s not always about Rachel, you know. (But it’s usually about Rachel, TBH)

    1. He saw the first sonogram of his baby.
    2. His supposedly dead Nana came back to life.
    3. He hates the sight of blood.
    1. He found out Phoebe mugged him when they were kids.
    2. He found out Joey is in love with Rachel.
    3. He found out that his ex-wife Emily got remarried.
    1. Phoebe doesn’t believe in evolution.
    2. Rachel went on a date with Mark.
    3. A co-worker ate his sandwich.
    1. The stripper from his bachelor party stole his engagement ring.
    2. Chandler and Joey went to a Knicks game without Ross.
    3. Rachel entered Emma in a baby pageant.
  1. What has gotten Ross so worked up?
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    2. Phoebe spilled wine on his apothecary table.
    3. Moisturizer spilled all over the stuff in his suitcase.
    1. He is jealous of Rachel’s friendship with Mark, her co-worker.
    2. Rachel wrote him a letter, asking him to take full responsibility for their breakup.
    3. Rachel said that Paolo was more exciting in bed.
  2. Why is Ross channeling Jack Nicholson in The Shining?
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    1. He saw Monica and Chandler having sex.
    2. Rachel locked him out after a fight.
    3. Monica locked him out for being late to Thanksgiving.
    1. She lost his pet monkey, Marcel.
    2. She accidentally knocked his son Ben’s head into the wall.
    3. He thinks she’s cheating on him with Mark.
    1. He found out he didn’t get tenure.
    2. He overheard someone call his dissertation “simpleminded and misguided.”
    3. He discovered students were getting it on in the library section where his dissertation lives.
    1. He just got fired because of his anger problem.
    2. Rachel just told him she’s pregnant.
    3. Rachel just told him she’s moving to Paris.
    1. Rachel’s sister took Emma to get her ears pierced.
    2. Chandler has gone missing on his and Monica’s wedding day.
    3. He thinks Chandler is having an affair.
  3. Why is Ross having this meltdown?
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution via Netflix
    1. He’s getting divorced. Again.
    2. Mona pressured him to get more serious in their relationship.
    3. What meltdown? HE’S FINE.

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