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20 Baby Names Inspired By The Best Shows On TV

Because the world could always use another Eleven.

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4. Quinn

Show: UnReal, Scandal

Although this name choice was inspired by two badass women, this adorable name that is rising in popularity (but still not TOO common) is another great choice for either a boy or a girl. Either way, that's one fierce kiddo.

5. Rogelio


Show: Jane the Virgin

Do you want your son to grow up to be extremely handsome, charming, and also hilarious? Then take a chance with this very noble and enchanting name.

7. Piper


Show: Orange Is the New Black

A really adorable name, even if the character that inspired her name isn't the most lovable these days. Piper is a fighter and a survivor, and there's a lot to be said for that!

8. Lorna


Show: Orange Is the New Black

Lorna has a giant heart and will literally do anything for those she loves. Plus, you could serve Lorna Doone cookies at your shower!

10. Winston


Show: New Girl

Churchill who? You will want to name your baby after New Girl's most lovable weirdo, Winston Bishop. He's always full of surprises, but most importantly, he's a great friend with a kind heart.

11. Barbara/Barb


Show: Stranger Things

Classic names like Barbara are definitely making a comeback these days. And this way, Barb will live on — and not just in our hearts.

14. Deacon


Show: Nashville

Reese Witherspoon was way ahead of the curve when she named her son Deacon back in 2003. It's a great name for a boy with a lot of heart, talent, and soul.

15. Selina


Show: Veep

Do you have a future POTUS on the way? What about a vice president who always rises to the occasion, even when the odds are against her? Selina does it all with as much grace as possible.

20. Eleven


Show: Stranger Things

Stock up on waffles. This might not be the most traditional name on the list, but there's no doubt that Eleven — or "Elle" for short — will be unforgettable and powerful!

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