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    Stop Everything Because A "Friday Nights Lights" Musical Is Happening

    Clear eyes, full hearts, holy shit this is awesome.

    A musical based on the greatest show of all time, Friday Night Lights, is coming to L.A. in 2016!

    Twitter: @TheFNLMusical

    The show will be produced by Jordan Ross and Lindsey Rosin, who also created The Unauthorized O.C. Musical and Cruel Intentions: The Musical.

    Scott Porter, who played Jason Street on the original TV show, will be taking over the role of the beloved Coach Taylor, originally played by Kyle Chandler.

    Twitter: @TheFNLMusical

    Porter is no stranger to musical theater. He starred in the original cast of the Off-Broadway hit Altar Boyz in 2006.

    He even recorded this adorable dubsmash to celebrate the news!

    The player is now the coach... @nbcfnl's @ScottPorter is Coach Taylor in the Unauthorized #FNLMusical!

    Actress Molly McCook, who also appeared in The Unauthorized O.C. Musical, will be playing Tyra Collette.

    Twitter: @TheFNLMusical

    Also, BuzzFeed's Senior Editor Jarrett Wieselman, who previously appeared in The Unauthorized O.C. Musical, will return to the stage as Jason Katims in the FNL musical.

    Parenthood star Mae Whitman — who has been very vocal about her obsession with Friday Night Lights, and Tim Riggins in particular — has already taken to Twitter to express her interest in being part of the project.

    Information is limited right now, but no matter how the cast list shapes up, this is definitely a ~win~ for FNL fans.

    NBC / Via

    See you in L.A.! (But, yes...Texas, forever)

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