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    Oct 21, 2016

    19 Insanely Clever Halloween Costumes

    Jon Snow White = genius.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their most clever pun-based Halloween costumes, and they did not disappoint. Get your last-minute Halloween inspiration here:

    1. Jon Snow White:

    reilz2003 / Via

    Submitted by reilz2003

    2. Taco Belle:

    vborschke / Via

    Submitted by vborschke

    3. Holy guacamole:

    miam4105a0f42 / Via

    Submitted by miam4105a0f42

    4. Bernie Flanders:

    orlim / Via

    Submitted by orlim

    5. French Kiss:

    Submitted by susanc4930f69ec and jfrey224

    6. The Devil in disguise:

    Reagan Wallace Mendez

    Submitted by Reagan Wallace Mendez, Facebook

    7. Lewis and Clark Kent:

    kaylafertig / Via

    Submitted by kaylafertig

    8. Iron Chef:

    neomi / Via

    Submitted by neomi

    9. Copy cat:

    marijkepk74 / Via

    Submitted by marijkepk74

    10. Hell in a handbasket:

    erinshrader / Via

    Submitted by erinshrader

    11. Space Jam:

    jillf4c8fdfdb2 / Via

    Submitted by jillf4c8fdfdb2

    12. Oh, deer and holy cow:

    maddies46ec86dd8 / Via

    Submitted by maddies46ec86dd8

    13. Trap Queen:

    d4ff80ce54 / Via

    Submitted by d4ff80ce54

    14. Buffalo wings:

    hailstorm1905 / Via

    Submitted by hailstorm1905

    15. God's gift to men:

    elliottc3 / Via

    Submitted by elliottc3

    16. A formal apology:

    Sara Sheffield

    Submitted by Sara Sheffield, Facebook

    17. Black-eyed pea:

    laurenw81 / Via

    Submitted by laurenw81

    18. Ceiling fan:

    megans30 / Via

    Submitted by megans30

    19. One night stand:

    maggieb4116d57d7 / Via

    Submitted by maggieb4116d57d7

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