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13 Sex Podcasts That Will Make You Blush

Make your commute a little more ~exciting~.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite sex and relationships podcasts, and why they love them. Here's a list of responses that is sure to get your motor revving!

1. Sex And Other Human Activities

"They deal with sex, relationships of all kinds, and mental health as well! It's hosted by two of my favorite podcasters Jackie Zebrowski and Marcus Parks. They can be funny, light-hearted and amusing, but are always serious and thoughtful when the situation calls for it. CANNOT emphasize how much I appreciate them!!!" —emilyluerickson

3. My Dad Wrote A Porno

"This guy's dad wrote a porno (as advertised) and now he's reading it for the world to hear. Will (hopefully) not turn you on but it's probably the greatest podcast about sex I've ever heard. Please don't listen in public though, unless you are okay with bursting into hysterical laughter every thirty seconds." —kathryng11


7. Guys We F#@$!d

"Hands down one of the best podcasts I've ever listened to. It's hilarious, informative, and sex-positive." —amandad4826cd8e7

"They're hilarious and empowering. Every relationship or sexual question I have ever had has been mentioned and it's just a great listen." —jamies46cea1287


9. Adult Salad: Undressing the Podcast

"They cover topics of sex, sex workers rights, burlesque, and LQBTQIA issues.

They also get naked (or at least somewhere of the 'nakedity matrix') during the podcast, and sometimes they will include 'Serious Readings of Terrible Erotic Fiction'." —c4a9f4b992


12. Bawdy Storytelling

"If you like Savage Lovecast, you would love this. Dan Savage and the woman who runs this have actually collaborated on some episodes. So hilarious! All different true stories about sex of all shades, genders, and interests. Extremely sex positive, and based on how sex in some way or another is something so many people have in common and how dropping the stigma about talking openly about it can bring people together." —Anna Ca, Facebook

13. The Knightly Pleasures

"This podcast is the highlight of my week. Each Thursday The Grey Knight uploads some steamy erotica that's guaranteed to make you blush in traffic or have some great 'wine and earbuds' time at home. You can also send him audio questions that he will answer at the end of most of his podcasts. Most of the stories are stand-alone stories, so you can jump around in the list. All of the scripts are put together perfectly and his experience as a writer helps with this. It's a really great podcast!" —germainekitty

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