TV Anchor Begs You To Stop Taking Pictures Of Your Snow-Covered Patios

    A 9NEWS anchor is frustrated with how many viewers send in pictures of their snow-covered patio furniture. He gets it, guys. You have a grill.

    "When it snows in Colorado, our viewers start sending in photos... We can't help but notice that most pictures show one thing: snow-covered patio furniture," a 9News staffer reports. Anchor Kyle Clark took issue with the trend.

    "Colorado, you know I love you, but it's time that we had a talk about your snow-covered patios."

    "We live in one of the most beautiful spots on earth, but we point our cameras towards the back porch."

    "Why is it that every time it snows we whip out pictures of our patios like we're showing off baby photos? Is that really the best we can do?"

    "Coloradans are too optimistic to live in a prison of patio sets," he said.

    Clark wants his Colorado viewers to "be more original."

    "Yes, everybody is impressed you have a 4-piece set. We saw it at Costco too," Clark lamented.

    "Chair covers? Somebody got a raise!"

    "A grill? Nice!"

    "Three grills? Easy there, Bobby Flay."

    "Is that a gazebo? Okay, that's kind of cool."