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This Guy Surprised His Fiancée By Secretly Planning Their Entire Wedding

"Surprise! We're getting married today!" Turns out the bride was pretty excited about this.

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It all started when Carly, the bride, returned from a six-month journey alone, retracing her grandmother's steps in England before she immigrated to Canada as a war bride.


She arrived home in Canada at the end of July, according to the couple's Vimeo page, just in time for her engagement party. But the day of the celebration, her fiancé, Adam, woke her up with a letter explaining that it was it wasn't an engagement party: It was her wedding day. He and Carly's mother had already planned everything, from her dress to the flowers.

Carly was in total shock, understandably. "Are you crazy? I don't know what to do," she cried, before kissing Jeff.


The bride-to-be's shock quickly turned to excitement after reading the letter.

"Yay! Now I know why you're here," she joked to the camera crew.


Here's the video: