Watch Neil Patrick Harris And Jason Segel Sing An Epic Les Misérables Duet

“The Confrontation” at its best.

1. Theater nerds and How I Met Your Mother fans: Unite!

On an episode of Inside The Actor’s Studio on Friday with the cast of How I Met Your Mother, a student challenged Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel to sing “The Confrontation” from Les Misérables, referencing a video of the pair singing the song in 2006. And they absolutely nail it.

2. Too bad we can’t go back to 2011 and cast these two in the Les Misérables movie.

For any true Les Mis fans who know the 10th anniversary concert is the musical at its best, compare Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel’s rendition to this mastery. It’s pretty clear that Jason Segel was influenced by Colm Wilkinson’s famous portrayal of Jean Valjean.

3. This is the video of the two singing “The Confrontation” in 2006; you can tell they’ve been practicing since then. Good work, boys.

4. The finale of How I Met Your Mother is March 31. Hopefully the next project for Patrick Harris and Segel is a Broadway show.

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