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9 Stunning Eid Outfits That'll Take Your Breath Away

Slay, mama.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Eid is an important Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. To celebrate, it's common for people to swag out and rock their fanciest, typically new, looks.

So we asked 9 super fashionable individuals and style bloggers to show us their favorite Eid styles. Here's what they're wearing...

1. Amber Kaz

Kiran Kazalbash / Via

Blog: Liberty Denied

Instagram: @Libertydenied

"Ramadan is opportunity to look within yourself and find new ways to grow. So for me, Eid is a great way to sport new cuts and colors that I normally don't. This year, I decided to rid myself completely of my usual black-on-black and let the structure of the pieces create a contemporary, Solange-inspired look. The top has dramatic flared sleeves and a modest fit, and the DIY cut-out bottoms maintain that same sense of flow."

2. Leah Vernon

Reel Clever Films / Via

Blog: Beauty and The Muse

Instagram: @lvernon2000

"Eid in Detroit is like an Islamic fashion show and, every year, I switch my style up. Since Eid falls in the summer, I want to go for a look that’s feminine yet bold. I’m wearing a full floor-length tutu from Society+ in blush pink. It’s versatile enough to wear for Eid, but I can also switch the top out and wear it to another event and keep the slayage going."

3. Naballah Chi

Luis Young Photography

Blog: Naballah Chi
Instagram: @naballahchi

"This dress was inspired by both The Great Gatsby era and the Renaissance — both eras of power dressing. I love lace so I chose lace as my fabric and lined it with a nude spandex so that my real skin would not show, but I still wanted to achieve that sultry look. To make my dress unique, I made an elaborate collar."

4. Sagal Ibrahim

Blog: Sagaleeyaa

Instagram: @sagaleeyaa

"I love anything that has a cape attached to it, so I designed this dress from beginning to end, and I'm so grateful that my tailor made it happen. I also love the color scheme more than anything, — it looks very dreamy to me."

5. Sunny Ali

Kylen Ford

Website: The Kominas

Instagram: @SunnyAliii

"I chose this outfit for Eid because it's stylish and humble. And although my look is more toned down than usual, it still is rebellious against more conservative expectations about how to celebrate Ramadan or even just how to dress Muslim. The colors remind me of Pakistan. My favorite part of the outfit are the shoes. I went to Pakistan in 2011 to play a show with my band, The Kominas. Towards the end of the trip, my cousin took me for a ride on the back of his motor bike through Kalar Kahar hills. It was so beautiful I cried. Shortly after, he insisted on getting me these shoes."

6. Tanwi Nandini Islam

Widline Cadet

Website: Hi Wildflower Botanica; Islam is also the author of Bright Lines

Instagram: @hiwildflower

"As Bangladeshi-American Muslims, my sister Promiti (pictured right) and I always wear saris for Eid. This is a beautiful syncretism of religious and cultural histories that exist in our motherland, and we love wearing traditional garb to honor that."

7. Anam Shahid

Salmaan Ather

Blog: The Style Menu

Instagram: @annieswift

"Because I tend to gravitate towards a more simple and traditional look for Eid prayers, I like to switch it up and wear something trendier for the numerous Eid parties that commence throughout the days afterwards. This gold-and-cream ensemble is special to me because my crystal-studded clutch was a gift from my sister and the embroidered pants were given to me by my mom. Eid is a special time that is meant to be celebrated with family, and by incorporating both pieces into my outfit, it's kind of like having them with me despite the fact that we all live in various cities throughout the world."

8. Samia

Hijablicious / Via

Blog: Hijabilicious

Instagram: @_hijablicious_

"This outfit was inspired by the fact that Eid falls in the midst of summer. It is inspired by sunnier climates hence the white theme, which we feel is very elegant. The turban is in a bright color to add a hint of brightness. Lastly no outfit is complete without heels, the higher the better!"

9. Melanie Elturk

Seth Cerrate / Via Instagram: @sethard

Blog: Haute Hijab

Instagram: @hautehijab

"I designed this skirt in anticipation for Eid — a ball skirt with tons of volume that swings and sways with each step and makes you feel glamorous and beautiful! I like to keep things classy so I paired it with a white oxford and neutral hijab. Eid is all about celebrating a beautiful month filled with blessings and there's no better way to celebrate than with a skirt that's grand and opulent."

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