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    • Alifromcanada

      1. Do you ever show up drunk?
      Definitely not!

      2. And do you ever show up hungover?
      Oh yeah. 3. How much did movies like Dead Poet’s Society influence your decision to become a teacher?
      Not at all

      4. Did you ever find yourself attracted to a student?
      I teach preschool and elementary. Absolutely not.

      5. Did you ever have any students you REALLY hated?
      No, just ones I fine really annoying.

      6. How often do you catch people cheating and what do you do?
      Depends on the situation. 7. Is playground duty the worst?
      No way, it’s a break from the classroom!  8. Do you hate other teachers?
      Wouldn’t say hate, but there’s some I avoid.  9. Are there in-staff room romances?
      We have only ladies on our staff, so no.  10. Are there teacher “cliques”?
      Absolutely.  11. What’s the staff room like?
      Keurig, mini fridge, one couch, table and two chairs. And random school junk that can’t seem to find a home.

      12. Do you really “believe” in ALL your students?
      Pretty much.  13. Do you really plan lessons?
      We would be eaten alive if we didn’t! 14. Have students ever tried to negotiate their grades?
      No.  15. And have you ever knowingly taught something to a student that wasn’t true?
      Never false information, just maybe not as detailed as they need to know.

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