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    Stylish Things That'll Make You Think "Damn, That's Cute Amazon"

    "I like my money right where I can see it...hanging in my closet." — Carrie Bradshaw

    1. A pair of baggy overalls if you just can't be bothered to select a full head-to-toe outfit for your WFH plans. (Psst...there are pockets!)

    2. A pair of high-waisted flare pants that are made with the softest material imaginable and can work for lazy-day outfits or even outfits you wear when running errands to the grocery store.

    3. A dress with a double-tiered skirt that looks just darling with some cute booties and a fedora hat.

    4. A tie-dye top that's offered in an array of fun color options if the winter weather is getting you down, and you're truly just hoping to bring a bit of spring lovin' into your wardrobe early.

    5. A ribbed knit pencil skirt — AKA a cozy suitable-for-work wardrobe piece that's also comfortable to lounge in. Who knew skirts could be loungewear!?

    reviewer wearing the orange midi skirt

    6. A set of layering necklaces that can be worn individually or combined that will help top off your #OOTD.

    7. A two-piece set you can feel confident to leave the house in, but know as soon as you arrive home that you can just plop on the couch while still being comfortable. You can even wear these pieces together or separate!

    8. A 10-piece set of knotted headbands so you'll have an accessory for every day of the week and then some.

    9. A two-piece seamless activewear set since the best kind of motivation to conquer that at-home workout is obvi a cute athleisure set.

    10. A V-neck henley top you can sleep soundly in AND take advantage of wearing as a normal everyday top with your chosen outfit of the day.

    11. A belted mini dress that can transition from winter to spring whether you decide to pair it with tights, boots, or rock it with a pair of flats.

    reviewer wearing the navy blue dress with leopard print sleeves

    12. A ribbed V-neck top so effortlessly chic, all you'll need to make it look good is a pair of leggings, biker shorts, or your holy grail jeans.

    reviewer wearing the taupe top

    13. A Cher Horowitz-approved plaid mini skirt you'll want to wear all day, every day, without the need of a closet technology system to style your outfit for you...

    14. A cutout, loose turtleneck sweater if you're looking to incorporate more fun sweater options into your closet.

    15. A snakeskin buckle belt because you know that it'll tie your whole outfit together and not just keep your pants up.

    Snakeskin belt with silver buckle

    16. A lightweight, water-resistant puffer jacket so you can conquer the cold, and basically any other water-induced weather that the cloud gods throw at you on any given day.

    17. A quilted cross-body bag that'll match every. single. outfit. you style day in and day out. Wear it as a shoulder bag or cross-body depending on your look.

    18. An oversized shacket (shirt and jacket) that you can throw on if bumming it around the house in a 3-day-old sweatshirt just isn't the move for you. This will look chic and keep you from freezing your booty off.

    19. A ribbed beanie to top off your loungewear 'fit that looks chic and stylish. Beanies also come in clutch for days where doing your hair just seems like wayyyyy too much effort.

    20. A pair of knit rib lounge pants you'll probs ends up wearing for days straight. (Listen, I won't judge you for not washing, they're THAT cozy.)

    21. A chunky cardigan that's super versatile — and by versatile, we mean it can be styled over your loungewear or with an outfit you'd actually step out of the house in. There is no in between at this point, welcome to 2021.

    22. A pair of high-waisted leggings in an eye-popping color if you want to give your over-worn black pair a break.

    23. A padded tank with a built-in bra that you can throw on with a pair of leggings and go, go, go. This comes in a slew of cute colors and you'll want to buy them all.

    24. A floral appliqué tulle skirt for a modern day Carrie Bradshaw moment where hopefully you won't get splashed with water from an oncoming bus...

    25. A split hem skirt featuring a soft faux-suede material that feels buttery soft on the skin and is ACTUALLY comfortable.

    When you quite literally can't get over how cute these items are...

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