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    34 Irresistibly Cool Products That Also Happen To Be From Small Businesses

    There's nothing cooler than supporting small biz.

    1. A ceramic lips planter — AKA your new conversation-starting piece for your bookshelf. Your lips won't be able to stay sealed on where you snagged this gorg piece.

    someone holding the red lips planter which has a plant inside

    2. A retro television tissue box that also doubles as a literal TV watch spot when you slide your phone into the viewing compartment. Picture it on your desk! Legendary.

    3. Meryl Streep saint candles because if you praise the ground queen Meryl walks on you'll audibly scream for these. Meryl as a churro? INCREDIBLE.

    meryl streep saint candles

    4. A set of Moon Globes to perfectly refresh skin after chilled in the fridge or freezer for a *tingle-worthy* cooling effect. If your skin is looking a little puffy, massage these bad boys over the skin gently for a rejuvenated look.

    5. A pair of Machete sunnies that are so trendy and durable they'll stand the test of time. They have a ton of amazing patterns so you're sure to find a pair you love.

    6. A La Croix cross-stitch kit if you want to pick up a new hobby you've never tried before. And what better way to start than by designing a cross-stitch of your fave bubbly bevvy?

    La Croix cross stitch kit

    7. A CONQUERing that displays an affirming message when spun. This sleek ring will take the place of your fidget spinner so whenever you need a quick thing to focus on (such as when you get a hint of anxiety) take the ring off and give it a spin.

    8. An enamel pin to show everyone how educated you are in Miranda Priestly 101. If you can recite the entire cerulean monologue, you're a true fan. That's All.

    it's actually cerulean enamel pin

    9. A desk organization system made out of individually patterned hexagons you can mix and match to create the ultimate host for your paper clips, sticky notes, and writing utensils.

    many hexagonal desk organizers holding office supplies, a phone, and pens

    10. A disco ball planter since you'll want a chic place to house your plants. When the light hits it just right, the sparkling light diffusion will be magical.

    11. A DIY polymer clay earring kit if you're obsessed with accessories and want to take a stab at creating your own. By your third pair, your friends will probs be begging you to make them a pair too.

    12. A vintage camper bird house set so you can build a ~totally tubular~ new home for your flying friends.

    13. A trendy pearl and chain necklace to elevate every fit from amazing to ~FABULOUS.~ The combination of the elegant pearls with the edgy chain make this necklace a true showstopper.

    14. A thoughtful bouquet of flowers because a heartfelt bouquet (with an aesthetic) is superior to all other floral arrangements you could send. TBH, I'm about to send one to myself.

    15. Flavored bubbles that are pet-friendly and will make for some solid TikToks. They'll have fun trying to catch and eat them and you'll have fun watching them.

    16. A NYC-inspired earring set that's an ode to the greatest city in the world. When you love the Big Apple so much that your earscape becomes the Big Apple.

    model wearing various NY collection earrings

    17. A gold wave ring to show off alongside your fresh mani. Minimalst jewelry lovers — this is for you.

    18. A personalized pet portrait for any proud fur parent who can never get enough of their pride and joy. You most definitely also have an Instagram profile for them too...

    personalized pet portrait of a french bulldog

    19. A Princess Diana bike short sticker pack to decorate your laptop, water bottle, or cell phone with the beauty and grace of the royal fashion icon herself.

    20. Mickey balloon-inspired earrings so making an accessory statement can be fun AND ~magical.~

    pink balloon earrings

    21. A mermaid-inspired ring because we all need a bit of Y2K realness amidst our jewelry lineup. BRB, wearing this ring and grabbing a push pop...

    22. A Tribe Afro pick comb featuring a design representing self discovery and heritage. Keep it on hand to volumize hair as desired.

    23. A beaded pineapple mini clutch to hold all of your must-haves in vibrant style. Just LOOK at that beadwork. 😍🍍

    two pineapple mini clutches on a marble surface

    24. A set of colorful woven coasters for protecting your side tables from cup stains, while giving it a much needed pop of pattern. They're made from carefully dyed sisal fiber and sweet grass for an earthy, bright addition to your home.

    Round woven coasters that are red, blue, orange, and salmon

    25. Kawaii milk carton tumblers to adorably contain your fridge's juices, milks, and coffee creamers in the cutest of fashions.

    kawaii strawberry milk carton tumblers

    26. A minimalist TV show poster in case your gallery wall is missing one thing — an ode to your all-time favorite binge. (Clearly mine is Mad Men.)

    mad men framed print on top of piano

    27. Or a vintage-style Harry Styles poster if you can't get enough of the fashion and music icon of our generation. Will never get over this feather boa meets Clueless look.

    vintage harry styles poster

    28. A super popular JW Pei handbag in their Gabbi style that's constructed from vegan leather. If Gigi Hadid swears by this bag, then so should you.

    29. A pair of faux lashes that are inspired by your fave pop culture movies and shows. These faux lashes will give your eyes the pop they've been needing without the hassle and price tag of extensions. (My faves are the Foolish Mortal lashes!)

    30. A set of color-coordinated books you can get to display on your bookshelves that will match your home color palette beautifully. These are decorative but also legitimate books so maybe get a set that colorfully speaks to you and then get wild and read the whole set...