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    30 Of The Best Festive Decor Items To Spruce Up Your Home For The Holidays

    It's the most wonderful time (to decorate) of the year

    1. Crate & Barrel pasta ornaments made from snow-white porcelain and edged in gold paint to spruce up your tree into full-on macaroni mode.

    Papa Leo's pasta Christmas ornaments

    2. A set of faux fur reindeer so Rudolph knows you live in an animal friendly house...

    Faux fur reindeer

    3. A Voluspa crushed candy cane candle for moments you want a heavenly peppermint aroma to engulf your home in. Something tells us Buddy the Elf would be fond of this scent...

    Voluspa candy cane candle

    4. A Hanukkah throw pillow — perfect to add to your living room and still match your aesthetic.

    Happy Hanukkah throw pillow

    5. A star tree topper to be the literal icing on top of the cake — or in this case, the tree.

    Mercury glass star tree topper

    6. A festive graphic throw pillow cover so you can make your living room (specifically your couch) into a jolly oasis.

    All Is Bright throw pillow

    7. A snow globe-inspired stocking holder so the stockings can be hung by the chimney with care.

    Juniper stocking holder

    8. A pre-lit faux garland since your stairwell, front door, and fireplace mantle could all use a bit of Christmas spirit.

    Garland on staircase railing

    9. A set of knit stockings because nothing will top off the fireplace ambience in better holiday fashion. These 18" stockings can also hold quite a bit of presents for everyone on the nice list this year.

    White and red stockings

    10. A set of reindeer tea light candle holders to add some glow to your Christmas counter spread. How cute would these be on the holiday dessert table?!

    Reindeer tea light candle holders

    11. The Grinch pillow cover you can place on top of your current throw pillows for an upgrade that doesn't stink, stank, stunk. (Honestly, all the Whos down in Who-ville will be instantly jealous.)

    Grinch throw pillow cover

    12. A Home Alone-inspired door mat so the pizza delivery person knows they better have your extra cheese pizza made to perfection.

    Home Alone inspired door mat

    13. Or a "Happy Challah Days" doormat so the whole family knows you mean business when you break out the dreidel.

    Happy Challah days doormat

    14. A wool garland that'll be a constant reminder to spread Christmas cheer all season long. This garland is minimalist and understated while still bringing a festive touch to your home.

    Merry Christmas garland strung across fireplace

    15. An Anecdote candle featuring a nostalgic description on the jar to match its equally nostalgic scent. Reading these little anecdotes on the candle will make you all warm and fuzzy inside, because they're just that cute.

    Aneccdote holiday glass candles

    16. A throw blanket with cute little pom pom details to add to the foot of your bed or on your couch, because you're going to need something warm and cozy to wrap yourself in when you're watching Elf for the 30th time this season.

    Virka Ivory Throw blankets

    17. A set of Hanukkah appetizer plates featuring stunning detailed designs in the most gorgeous blue hue imaginable.

    Hanukkah appetizer plates

    18. A faux white berry pine wreath if your decor style this time of year is good, old-fashioned, vintage Christmas. This will look fab on your front door or hung over the fireplace.

    faux white berry pine wreath

    19. A pinecone pre-lit garland — great for spreading out on any table setting or placing in a tall glass jar for some woodland sparkle.

    Christmas pine cone light garland

    20. A flannel reversible comforter set in case you like having the ability to switch up your bedspread in a pinch. Showcase the plaid side for some holiday flair, or the white sherpa side for a cozy alternative.

    Plaid reversible comforter set

    21. A personalized Santa tray so the whole family can get in on the fun of creating a smorgasbord of his favorite treats (and Rudolph's too!)

    Personalized Santa tray

    22. A plush Christmas tree skirt so the focal point of the season can look like it's amongst a (furry) winter wonderland. This also hides the potentially not-so-cute tree stand that can be a bit of an eyesore.

    Christmas tree with fluffy tree skirt

    23. A Chrismukkah Santa statue in case you celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah and need some decor to commemorate this dynamic duo of celebrations.

    Hanukkah Santa statue

    24. A set of rustic wood slices since the table settings for the holidays deserve to be top notch, HGTV-level style. These simple wood pieces add just the right amount of effortless detail to every place setting.

    Table setting featuring wood slice place settings

    25. A set of Kelly Clarkson Home snowflake ornaments to trim the tree with that sparkle and shine.

    Snowflake ornament

    26. A pre-lit tabletop tree so no matter the size of your living space, holiday cheer is achievable. This is great for smaller apartments or bedrooms!

    Pre-lit faux tree

    27. A snowman cookie jar for keeping all of your gingerbread fresh and stored beautifully on the kitchen counter.

    28. A Christmas countdown sign you'll have fun turning each day it gets closer to the most wonderful day of the year!

    Santa wall sign countdown

    29. A Disney Parks musical tree because who says a little Disney flair won't make your home even that much more magical? O' Christmas Tree how *magical* are your branches!

    30. And a handmade tree-shaped cutting board for displaying charcuterie, cookies, and cheeses ~AND~ that can also be used for cutting and chopping ingredients while cooking.

    Pine tree cutting board

    Let's start decking the halls!

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