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    21 Products From Amazon For Dogs Who Just *Love* To Chew

    All the toys, treats, and bones your pup will go wild for.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Greenies natural dental dog treats featuring essential vitamins and minerals to help keep your pup's gumline healthy and plaque-free. They'll love to chew them and you'll love that their dental hygiene will be on the track to greatness.


    Promising review: "My 14-year-old lab/chow (RIP) who recently passed away was a Greenies ADDICT. I am not kidding, when he was 14 years old, not much else could get him this excited. His eyes would get huge, he would pace around and start panting so hard I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack. We had been giving him Greenies since he was a puppy. He had amazing teeth β€” when we took him to a new vet she could not believe how old he was. She said he had the teeth of a dog half his age." β€”hburke

    Price: $4.98+ (available in seven sizes)

    2. A chewable stick toy β€” the taste and texture of real wood that's BBQ-flavored and will help massage for healthier gums! This is also super durable for tough chewers!

    Dogs laying side by side while one enjoys stick toy

    Promising review: "My bulldog loves these wooden chew toys. A few months ago she started acting up and eating the wood siding shingles off of the house and part of our Jacuzzi deck. We would fix it and it would happen again. She had a lot of toys so we knew she was not just bored. I asked our dog trainer what to do and he suggested we give her sticks as toys since she seems to like chewing wood. We tried that, but the sticks would get broken or thrown away by the gardeners. So, when I came upon this real wood toy I had to try it. It is amazing! She loves it and she has not chewed any wood off of the house since we got the first one about a month ago. I just came back to buy a second one so she can have her favorite toy inside the house too. She is so happy with it!" β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $4.99+ (available in four sizes and various flavors)

    3. A dog chew cactus toy made from 100% natural rubber that's nontoxic and eco-friendly. The durable and aligned bristles inside the brush help clean dental plaque which can hide in the corners of their mouth, remove it, and prevent decay.


    Promising review: "I got this product yesterday and so far am very impressed with its quality. It feels solid and durable, even for my avid toy destroyers. It’s super cute, and the boys seem to like it. When I put toothpaste or peanut butter on it yesterday they would go straight to licking it off, but today started taking turns picking it up and chewing on it for short periods of time. My standard Schnauzer is obsessed with holding it and keeps stealing it from our boxer/Dane mix." β€”JK

    Price: $19.99

    4. A Nylabone that's peanut butter-flavored and ideal for power chewers. If your pup can gnaw through just about anything, give this toy a go.

    Owner gives dog a nylabone

    Promising review: "I waited to review this because I wanted to see how long it would last. My dog is a chewer and has went through the large cow bones in less than two hours. That's $20 gone in two hours! He has chewed through a minimum of $250 worth of chew toys in less than two months. The Nylabone was recommended to me by a person at the grocery store who has a husky (mine is a husky-terrier mix). She said he will most likely never quit chewing. She said she tried the Nylabone and it was a lifesaver for her. I tried it. It has been almost two months and he hasn't chewed through more than one-quarter of it and he chews on it daily. Everyday, I pick it up out of the floor and put it in his toy bin and he immediately takes it back out. It's not like he doesn't chew on it because he does. Well worth the money and it has saved my baseboards!" β€”meredwine


    5. A rubber ring toy made from durable rubber so they can develop healthy chewing habits (whilst not chewing on your furniture #theworst). These are a great toy to play tug-o-war with them, as well!

    Dog with blue chew toy

    Promising review: "The Eastblue chew toy is one of the best dog toys I’ve ever purchased. My little 16-pound Boston terrier can tear up any toy within three days! This toy lasted almost two weeks with no significant breaking, cracking or chew marks." β€”Christopher

    Price: $10.99 (available in two colors)

    6. A ball and rope toy β€” a multifunctional toy that can be used with treats stored inside the ball for extended solo play ~or~ sans treats so they can tug on the ball while you pull the rope.

    Lab puppy with chew toy

    Promising review: "Recently got an 8-week-old puppy who loves to chew. This week she will be at 10 weeks and so far the toy has held up! I knew she would need something to chew on while we teach her that furniture is off limits. She loves everything about this toy. It's her favorite since she can tug on the rope, make the ball roll, and try to get treats out of the teeth part in the ball. I'm extremely happy I bought this and when it wears out I will definitely be buying a new one." β€”Danielle Buchanan

    Price: $10.99+ (available in three colors)

    7. A Barkbone Stick, perfect for aggressive chewers who can also use fresher breath. This toy has a minty flavor to assist with smelly breath and also has sodium copper chlorophyll to boost their dental health.

    Dog chewing on the bone

    Promising review: "My dogs absolutely adore this bone! I have a tough chewer who has never been able to get through Pet Qwerks bones, so I love this company. The BarkBone has no smell from what I can tell, but the dogs still go crazy every time. It is so durable and great for any breed. We got the large bone, and all of my dogs, from my 10 lb Maltipoo to my 140 lb Great Dane, love to chew on it. Especially our medium-sized mutt! What I love most about these bones is that they are so easy for the dogs to hold and don’t break off in little chunks that could potentially be easy to swallow. They last a lifetime and are truly amazing bones!" β€”Janece Pool

    Price: $9.99+ (available in two flavors and three sizes)

    8. Nylabone healthy edible bones in a bison flavor that's healthy and easily digestible. Your dog will wag their tail for joy over this tasty treat., Amazon

    Promising review: "Molly, my beagle, loves these. She has several allergies to different protein sources and it seems like every...almost every dog chew out there has chicken in them (which yes, she is allergic to) and she does great with these bison chews. She gobbles them up and I can’t be happier that she is happy." β€”Erica A.

    Price: $3.17 for a pack of two

    9. Arm & Hammer twisted treats with a taste that dogs love, with the ingredients you'll love as a pet owner to keep their breath bearable. These are a great rawhide alternative that's safer, healthier, and tastier!


    Promising review: "Both of my bullies love these!!! They get excited when the jar opens and start to drool. The jar has a nice carry handle, which a nice bonus. Their scent is a mix of meaty and minty, with neither scent being overpowering. That scent is kinda what their breath ends up as...I would say it more neutralizes their breath than freshens it. It's not a miracle minty breath maker but it does a good job at making their breath tolerable and neutralized." β€”F. Todd

    Price: $4.99 (or Subscribe & Save for $4.74/month)

    10. A pet tug toy in case you're busy and can't play fetch with them but they still want to have a ball. The suction cup allows them to play with this tug toy all on their own and you'll probs have a tough time pulling them away from it.

    Promising review: "I'm very pleased with these dog toys. The description perfectly matched what arrived in the mail. My doggy loves them. Her mission in life is to destroy anything with a squeak and fill the house with toy stuffing, but that's not possible with these toys. No stuffing is brilliant. I also appreciate how strong the seaming is on these toys because she has not yet been able to rip them. The toys have multiple squeaks which drives her crazy with excitement! And the squeaks aren't too terrible to listen to." β€”Juanita Pecks

    Price: $17.99+ (available in two colors)

    11. Rachael Ray soup bone treats β€” a chewy morsel that will take them a little more time than a normal treat to chew (but they'll be obsessed with just the same). These treats feature no meat by-products or artificial flavors so you can be confident you're giving your furry friends top-of-the-line treats.


    Promising review: "Have a very picky dog who also likes to snack all day. Gave her one of the chicken-flavored soup bones today. She stopped eating her favorite snack and started to lick the soup bone. Think I'll be buying these again as she likes the taste and they last quite long for her to finish." β€”angelo vecchio

    Price: $5.72+ (available in three sizes and two flavors)

    12. A toothbrush squeaky toy that'll have them so excited to play, they won't even realize the benefits it offers for their teeth. You can spread peanut butter or dog toothpaste in between the rows of nubs for an additional cleaning session. They'll probs be chewing all day long...

    Girl gives dog blue toy

    Promising review: "We bought the small for our 3 lb puppy. He inhales his food at 3 months old and this slows him down nicely when we put his puppy kibble under the little rubber knobs. Giving him a snack on a road trip was very handy. Doubles to keep his baby teeth clean." β€”KWarde

    Price: $14.99

    13. Milk-Bone brushing chew treats with a patented design that helps maintain healthy gums and freshen breath. They feature 12 essential vitamins and minerals and feature no artificial flavors! Your pup will seriously love these!, Amazon

    Promising review: "So we have this Great Pyrenees puppy and he likes to chew. He chews furniture, molding, books, hands, shoes, rugs, beds, toys, homework, you name it he's chewed it. In many ways he is a professional chewer. He eats, sleeps, and chews things up. He is indeed the perfect candidate to test out the Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Daily Dental Dog Treats. And let me tell you these things are a huge hit with the Pyrenees. Usually when we give him a dog treat he will grab it, and then lay down for good chew. Not so with the Milk-Bone Brushing Chews. He takes these things and runs with them. He wants to get away from society and protect his beloved prize while he enjoys a private chew. He LOVES these things!" β€”Amazon Reviewer

    Price: $4.48+ (available in three sizes and nine quantity sizes)

    14. Wellness Core marrow treats that are grain-free and made with all-natural jerky pups will love to chomp on. They're protein rich and made with real premium beef.


    Promising review: "I gave this dog treat a 5-star because it has won my little ones over completely. I have given them many different styles, brands, textures, and flavors, of treats and they can be very picky, but they consistently like this one. They can handle a whole piece and like it that way, but I often cut them into two or four pieces to make them last. I will be ordering more." β€”Stubbyw

    Price: $4.94+ (available in two sizes)

    15. Nature Gnaws bully sticks, because these are rawhide-free treats made from 100% natural free-range beef that are so delicious they'll beg for more. These long-lasting and tasty treats also help remove plaque and tartar for cleaner teeth.

    Corgi enjoys bully stick

    Promising review: "We have two pups who love these sticks. We mainly got it for our 5-month-old Pug but we also have a 9-month-old Mini Australian shepherd who loves them as well. The Pug is very hyper and giving her one of these sticks will calm her down and keep her occupied for quite some time! You will not be disappointed." β€”TJ

    Price: $11.99+ (available in six sizes)

    16. An Arm & Hammer Super Treads toy that will help them chew their way to healthier teeth. It's infused with baking soda to provide a clean smile and fresh breath, not to mention it's just plain cute and they'll def want to play with it.


    Promising review: "My poor little dog cannot get the treat out to save his life, but he sure is spending a lot of energy trying which, makes me happy because I know it's cleaning his teeth and wearing him out at the same time! I should add that he's brachycephalic (flat snout) and I think a regular nosed dog would have a better shot getting treats from it. But, he's been playing with it for hours which makes it a success!" –Rabbit

    Price: $7.99

    17. A rope toy with 100% natural cotton that's safe and practically indestructible for even the toughest chewers to get through. I have the best time using rope toys like these with my pups (it also makes for a solid video for the 'Gram too).

    Various dogs with their rope toys

    Promising review: "Our bull terrier LOVES this toy. Carries it around with him all over the house. Takes it with him outside; sleeps with it. Chews on it constantly when he's not begging us to play tug-of-war with him. And it's a great tug of war toy!! He is a real power chewer. When we got this at Christmas, thought it would last maybe 30 minutes like every other toy we have ever bought him. Then I gave it a day, a week, maybe. Now we're going on two months. It's showing some wear but still in good shape. Great durable toy. Very pleasantly surprised. I need to order another one." β€”Sid

    Price: $14.99

    18. A Zippypaws crinkle toy for playful pups who'll undoubtedly enjoy the crunchy sounds that come out of this toy. My dog Penny is obsessed with the crunchy stuffing and it'll keep her chewing all day just to hear the satisfying crinkling.

    Dog with purple monkey toy

    Promising review: "There is no way Mr. Monkey hasn't been a hit. I have only one so far (amazingly) since November, and it remains intact somehow and yet well liked. It is that toy they will play with, share, watch over, sleep with, but choose not even to try to destroy." β€”D.L.G.

    Price: $6.49 (available in three colors)

    19. Blue Buffalo Wilderness dental chews that contain added vitamins and minerals for attaining those pearly whites. They're also grain- and gluten-free for dogs with food allergies.,

    Promising review: "My German shepherd puppy at 6 months needs all the chews he can get. You can see he loved it in the photos. His tail wagged the whole time he happily chomped away. I love all the Blue Buffalo products. But these bones compelled me to share my dog's delight." β€”Gloria Plymale

    Price: $12.36+ (available in four bone sizes)

    20. A set of White Paw toys they'll love to chew on if they gravitate towards soft toys. Grab a cold bevvy to enjoy while your pet goes to chew town with these squishy faux cans.


    Promising review: "1 week of my golden chewing on them and still holding up strong. Bought these just because they're funny and wasn't expecting them to last but I've been pleasantly surprised with the strength of the stitching. The toys have been a big hit with all my friends!

    UPDATE: It's been almost two months and these toys are still going strong! I actually cant believe how tough these are, they are currently the only toy Max hasnt destroyed. Now I actively recommend these to my friends with dogs because they are seemingly indestructible." β€”Kate Morgan

    Price: $21.99

    21. Gnwatlers β€” premium elk antlers ideal for medium sized dogs that are all natural and packed with calcium. These have no odor and no mess (a major owner win if you ask me.)

    Dog chewing on a Gnawtler

    Promising review: "My husband and I are constantly looking into different chew bones/antlers for our two labs and we came across this one and decided to purchase because of the great reviews that we read. At first we only bought one to see how our pups would like it and then once it came in they were fighting for it and kept going back and forth with it for two days so we decided to purchase a second one. We purchased the large and it was actually a decently sized antler size for a full grown lab. They are both excessive chewers and this seemed to have lasted them for about almost two weeks with daily chewing." β€”EB

    Price: $9.99+ (available in four sizes)

    You'll get all the wet kisses for these fab finds.


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