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    13 Things From Amazon To Help Keep Your Pet Hydrated This Summer

    These bowls and water dispensers will keep your pets from getting parched.

    1. A Catit Flower Water Fountain with three different water flow settings to keep your furry feline's water intake up. It includes features like a triple action filter and LED nightlight so their water is clean and accessible...even in the dark!

    A cat drinking water from a white plastic fountain with a green top and white and yellow flower

    2. An Outward Hound Port A Bowl for taking your pup on walks or hikes. This bowl folds flat for easy portability, dries fast so you don't have to stick it in your bag while it's still wet, and is super lightweight!

    A model's hand pouring water into a gray and lime green pouch bowl while a pooch watches

    3. A Kurgo No-Spill Dog Travel Bowl that'll give your doggo access to water in the car without the chaotic spillage. The tapered lip helps reduce splashing while traveling and keeps kibble ~or~ water off your car floor. Happy pup, happy human. ♡

    A chocolate lab model happily hovering over a blue water bowl in the car

    4. A no-drip small animal water bottle in case you have smaller furry friends like bunnies, hamsters or guinea pigs. The no-drip water bottle allows even the most sensitive pets to drink without getting wet or injured.

    A clear water bottle with blue accents hanging from a pet cage

    5. A 2-in-1 portable leak-proof pet bottle so there's no need to bring additional water bottles and a separate bowl. Undrunk water can easily be turned back into the cup so none gets wasted and it's super simple to disassemble and clean for consistent usage!

    A model's hand holds a clear bottle with a blue receptacle for a dog to drink from

    6. An All Fur You pet water bowl that'll keep your pet's water cleaner by limiting the amount of water exposed to the air, floating dust, hair, and dirt. This is also a great option for car travel to avoid excessive spillage.

    A square white pet bowl wit a gray trim

    7. A gravity pet food or water station made of durable BPA-free plastic that locks in place to help prevent knock-overs and spills. The bowl will refill on its own based on how much water is left in the reservoir so you can ~finally~ take a break from personally refilling.

    Two white water stations with black bases and tops and metallic bowls

    8. A PetSafe Drinkwell Cat and Dog Water Fountain to entice your pet to increase their water intake. The fountain features a free-falling stream and a replaceable carbon water filter that removes bad tastes and odors, keeping water fresh.

    A light gray water fountain with a dog lapping up some water

    9. An Epicka sprout pet fountain, because your furry BFFs deserve a clean and hygienic place to grab some H2O (that'll also look like a cute little houseplant). The triple-action filters ensure clean water which encourages pets to hydrate more often and further reduces the burden on your pet’s kidneys and risks of other diseases as well.

    10. An isyoung cat fountain—a creative way to get your ~cool cats and kittens~ daily water intake on the rise. The noise-canceling cat water dispenser won’t affect your pet’s or your sleep and it's BPA-free!

    A triangular white fountain with reservoir and gray top

    11. A Neater Pet Brands big capacity bowl to hold more water than your pet could ever dream of lapping up. It can contain up to 1.25 gallons of water or food! It features an elevated design and it's big enough if you have multiple pets who want access to water at the same time. There's room for everyone!

    12. A camping style pet bowl made from stainless-steel that's no-skid and dishwasher safe! This bowl is great because it's rust-resistant so you can use it indoors or outdoors.

    A round black metal bowl with white speckling

    13. A super trendy LeYoMiao water dispenser so your pet can hydrate in ☆ style. ☆ It's made of environmentally friendly, food-grade plastic and features a nonrusted spring to ensure pets' health.

    Remember to keep your pets (especially those big pups) hydrated during these hot summer months!

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