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    Dec 19, 2018

    Package Thieves Got A Face Full Of Glitter And A Lot Of Fart Spray Instead

    Instant karma.

    It's no secret there's an increase in package thieves. Particularly during the holiday season.

    South Park / Via

    Well, one such victim was Mark Rober. He’s an engineer who also happens to be YouTuber.

    Mark Rober / Via

    So he decided it would be tons of fun to teach some crooks a lesson while filming the entire thing for his channel.

    First, he built a super impressive box that looks just like an Amazon package that had a GPS tracker inside.

    Mark Rober / Via

    Then he rigged the box to spew glitter absolutely everywhere as soon as it was opened.

    Mark Rober / Via

    Then came the fart spray. And a whole lot of it, too.

    Mark Rober / Via

    There's also a very special homage to "Home Alone" involved. An extra level of mischief that's very much deserved by the thief.

    Mark Rober / Via

    Now people totally want one of those rigged boxes as their own personal detractor!

    @Emojipedia @MarkRober You should sell this online for people to get revenge. I would buy one. I had a tablet stolen before.

    Others wanted Mark's "punishment" to go even farther.

    @Emojipedia @MarkRober @MarkRober this is brilliant! I’d be more aggressive in the punishment for the theft. What about something that stains the thief’s clothing permanently?

    And some wanted him to not blur the thieves faces. They deserve the shame.

    @Emojipedia @MarkRober Love this!!! Although you should show the thieves faces on twitter so they can be identified.

    Go ahead. Watch for yourself.

    View this video on YouTube

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