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    Some People Are Deleting Their Facebook After Watching Netflix's "The Great Hack"

    It was worse than you thought.

    There’s a new Netflix documentary called “The Great Hack.” It tells the incredible story of how our data was manipulated using social media ahead of the 2016 election.

    “The amount of information you can get from people. It’s so creepy & they just give it to you.” When journalist @carolecadwalladr started asking questions about #Brexit & #digitaldata it led her to this convo w/ one of so-called #badboysofbrexit. Watch #TheGreatHack on @netflix

    Let's just say it has been a huge wake-up call for a lot of people about how their information was used (and abused).

    I wonder what fresh horrors this week will bring? If you haven't already watched it, #TheGreatHack on Netflix is a MUST see. I was shocked at how easily our online activity has been used - maybe you won't be. Please retweet.

    People are now recommending everyone watch it to really get a grasp of what went down with your personal data.

    I urge everyone who has access to Netflix to watch #TheGreatHack. If you are a social media user, it is important to know how the data you put out there can be used and fed back to you in a way that influences your real life behaviour and decisions.

    The documentary is seriously scaring the bejeezus out of people with the facts being presented. Like this one...

    Data has become the most valuable commodity in our current time. #TheGreatHack

    Some are even lashing out at Mark Zuckerberg after waching the doc.

    Seriously... if you care about your privacy and/or democracy, you MUST watch #TheGreatHack on Netflix. Then, delete your Facebook account. Also, fuck you Mark Zuckerberg.

    It also introduced a central character in the whole ordeal that many had never heard of: Brittany Kaiser.

    Brittany Kaiser, of course, is one of the central figures in Netflix’s #TheGreatHack, released last week. Fortuitous timing.

    Brittany worked on Brexit before becoming the director of Cambridge Analytica.

    "The Great Hack" is even encouraging some to delete their Facebook accounts.

    Feel all liberated after deleting my Facebook Account!! 🙌 #TheGreatHack

    Just do it! #facebook #TheGreatHack

    The documentary also explains a whole lot about those ads that seem to be following you.

    If you’ve ever seen an Ad that seemed wildly coincidental, watch #TheGreatHack on Netflix and have your fears intensified 🤠

    The doc is also prompting some rather serious questions.

    So let me get this straight - if you have Facebook, the Russians have your data? #TheGreatHack

    The impact of it all is truly mind-blowing.

    Watched #TheGreatHack - Mind blown! The cost of connecting is far from free, it’s costing the human race everything.

    This post sums it all up quite nicely.

    If you do one thing today, watch #TheGreatHack on Netflix. It will change how you view what our governments call democracy when it comes to political campaigning. Data protection and transparency are both more important than ever. Data rights are human rights.

    You've been warned.

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