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    These Tribute Drawings In Honor Of Stan Lee May Very Well Break Your Heart

    Farewell, old friend.

    Many are mourning the passing of a bonafide legend. Stan Lee was one of the most legendary comic book writers of our time.

    Lee created iconic and beloved characters like Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and the Black Panther among many more, garnering him immeasurable admiration.

    Now fans everywhere are creating and sharing tribute art in his honor, and the images are absolutely wonderful.

    Jun Chiu / Via

    This one reads: Maybe we will forget many heroes, but we will always remember the man who created the heroes.

    Then there's this one of a young Spider-Man hugging Stan Lee.

    And even more tear-jerking farewell hugs.

    Aurora Borealis / Via

    There's also this powerful image of Stan Lee reunited with Joan.

    Jonathan Serrot / Via

    There are even lifelike portrait renditions like this incredible one of the late artist.

    Marcello Barenghi / Via

    They even have jokes!

    #Superhero stories and #Marvel would never be same without Stanley. #Stanlee influenced several generations and more to come as his #legacy lives on in print, digital and movies! #StanLeeRIP #heaven will truly be entertained like never before!

    How adorable is this?

    RIP Stan Lee Thank you comrade #StanLee #StanLeeForever

    Stan Lee will always remain a legend in the eyes of fans everywhere who grew up admiring him and his work.

    One of the first things I remember drawing was Spiderman. RIP Stan Lee #StanLeeForever #StanLee

    Tnk u for all the great memories that you give us. #RIP_Stan_Lee

    Rest in peace, old friend.

    #StanLee Greatest Super Hero Ever 🙏