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    No More Funny, Just Business: Labor MPs Banned From Using Phones In Question Time

    Fun police.

    Labor has banned its MPs from using smart phones, smart watches and tablets in the chamber during Question Time of the 45th parliament.

    Stefan Postles / Getty Images

    Mobile phones and tablets have become a fixture in the chamber of parliament.

    When they're not heckling across the chamber, politicians typically spend Question Time catching up on paperwork, signing cards for constituents, reading on their tablets, texting or tweeting.

    But that's changing. Manager of opposition business Tony Burke has instructed all Labor politicians not to play on their devices while in the house of representatives chamber for Question Time.

    Stefan Postles / Getty Images

    If MPs have to use devices for work, they've been told by Burke to keep it to a minimum.

    Instead Labor MPs have been told to focus their stare across the chamber at the government, and ensure they have their "game faces" on.

    Labor politicians often live tweet #qt from the chamber - some of the younger MPs often arguing with Coalition MPs on Twitter.

    "There'll be no more sliding into BuzzFeed's DMs, or funny twitter banter from us," one Labor politician told BuzzFeed News.

    Labor were known for their stunts in the 44th Parliament - including some literal horseplay by Pat Conroy and Tim Watts.

    Lukas Coch / AAPIMAGE

    But there'll be no more fun and games, with Labor MP noting its strategy will be "all business" when Question Time kicks off for the first time this parliament on Wednesday.

    When asked if the ban extended to books and props, BuzzFeed News was told that all Labor MPs have been reminded to keep use of distractions to a minimum while in the lower house chamber.

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