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The PM's Staff Are Now Acting Like Journalists On The Campaign Trail

Control the message.

Another day, another stump speech from prime minister Malcolm Turnbull about ~jobs and growth~.

Lukas Coch / AAPIMAGE

Where better to bump into some pre-prepared and vetted small business owners than a Mitre 10 in Loganholme, south of Brisbane.

Alice Workman/BuzzFeed

Joined by the Liberal local member, Bert van Manen, the PM met a concreter, a builder, a director of a hospitality agency, and Logan city mayor, Luke Smith.

Alice Workman/BuzzFeed

The Coalition holds the seat of Forde with a margin of 4.3 per cent, but fears the Labor party could win it back at the July 2 election. The PM is here to talk up the benefits of the government's proposed small business tax cuts.

He told the locals that the tax cuts will mean they can expand their businesses, hire more people, and create (you guessed it) ~jobs and growth~.

Normally at an event like this, journalists are the ones asking the questions.

Here's a video of how crazy it is in PM Malcolm Turnbull's press pack on #ausvotes election campaign trail.

But BuzzFeed News spotted one of Turnbull's media advisers, taking locals aside and getting them to present testimonials about how the Coalition's policies will help them and their businesses.

Staff filmed a number of these videos ...

Jeff & Cathy from Queensland Plastics explain why expanding #smallbiz tax cuts will help create jobs @BertVanManen

There's been a bit of anger by journalists on the Turnbull press tour who say they're being slowly edged out of events.

The new reality of campaign trail - pm's staff interview same locals as journos @murpharoo #ausvotes

ICYMI - Turnbull himself has dabbled in journalism, and is known to throw around a few questions at a press conference.

PM @TurnbullMalcolm doing the journalism thing a bit here - interviewing people as part of his media conference .. Live on @abcnews24 now.

As well as the adviser-journos, Turnbull also has a personal photographer travelling in the press pack, who takes photos for his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.