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    These Amazon Canada Products Have A Ton Of 5-Star Reviews, And They're On Sale For Cyber Monday

    Reviewers adore 'em.

    Happy Cyber Monday, y'all! There are some MAJOR deals on ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ products to be taken advantage of right now, so we thought we should let you know. Some are on just for today and some will go on a lil' longer. Regardless, you'll definitely want to snap them up before they're gone.

    1. 30% off a YETI tumbler that'll keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. The anti-sweat design prevents condensation on the outside, so it'll never be too slippery to hold onto.

    a metallic yeti tumbler on a blank background

    2. 30% off a LEGO Guardians of The Galaxy advent calendar for any fan of Groot and the gang. It's holiday-themed and has a combination of characters and buildable pieces, so it's sure to add some unique bits to your collection.

    two children playing with the figures from the advent calendar

    3. 35% off a cable cover that'll hide all of those unsightly power bars that stress you out way more than they should. The slotted box will help keep things ventilated (instead of overheated), plus it’ll prevent your curious pets from fiddling with the outlets.

    the cords in the box before and after

    4. Up to 35% off a magical Revlon one-step styler that'll dry, volumize, and ~zhuzh~ your tresses all in one go. Now you won't need to mess around with a thousand hair tools when you're running late.

    5. 27% off a pair of adjustable dumbbells if curls, rows, and RDLs are your jam when it comes to working out. They can be leveled up from five to 52 pounds, so you won't have to keep adding new equipment to your collection as your guns grow.

    A person putting a dumbbell into its case

    6. 62% off a magnetic falsies set that'll give you luscious lashes without the stickiness and mess of using glue. The magnetic liner is a pigmented black colour, so it's basically a two-fer!

    the lashes in the case

    7. 20% off a shiatsu foot massager that'll relieve built-up tension and pain by hitting pressure points, which will definitely help you unwind. Reviewers say it's super easy to use and love the options for different intensities and heat.

    A person at a desk with their feet in a massager

    8. 31% off a pair of plush slippers that'll save you from freezing your feet off this winter. Thanks to the textured rubber sole, you can even pop out and grab the mail while wearing them and not end up with sopping wet feet.

    The slippers on a faux fur blanket

    9. 44% off a pair of wireless Beats earphones that'll help you chill out and tune in to your fave music. Thanks to their connecting cable, you'll never have to stress about losing a bud when you're out living your life.

    a person wearing the connected wireless earbuds while looking off camera

    10. And up to 50% off Skullcandy wireless headphones if you'd prefer a pair of over-ears. Reviewers can't stop raving about the bass on these babies, and they say they're comfortable, too (no ear squashing!).

    two people wearing the headphones in four different photo shots

    11. 50% off a 23andMe DNA testing kit that'll help you learn more about your family tree. You'll even be able explore traits, like your freckles and hair colour, and learn what your DNA has to say about your preferences when it comes to tastes and smells.

    the ancestry app showing on two different phones

    12. 16% off a Fujifilm Instax Mini camera so you can snap your fave memories and have a physical copy in a matter of seconds. It's great if you're a sentimental person who loves to scrapbook or create photo albums for the sake of ~nostalgia~.

    the camera on a desk beside instant photos

    13. 40% off a copy of the Burn After Writing journal that’ll give you an outlet to get things off your chest and release 'em into some burning flames. Reviewers love the thought-provoking questions and say it feels very therapeutic.

    the book on a tray on top of a bed and another copy open on the bed

    14. 27% off a set of Pureology hydrating shampoo and conditioner that's jam-packed with jojoba oil and green tea, which can make dry, brittle hair feel softer and look shinier. It can work for all kinds of hair types, whether you've got gorgeous curly curls, soft waves, pin-straight tresses, or colour-treated locks.

    a bottle of shampoo and conditioner on a window ledge next to a comb

    15. Up to 30% off an itty-bitty massage gun if you could use a little help kneading your muscles. It comes with four different heads that can target all kinds of knots and sore spots.

    a mini massage gun in its case with its four massage heads

    16. 30% off a stainless steel water bottle that'll keep your drink frosty all day long. Thanks to the spout lid, you won't dump H2O all over yourself when you're sipping.

    A person opening the water bottle

    17. 35% off a car phone holder if using GPS is an absolute must when you're driving. It'll help you navigate and keep your phone from falling onto the floor of your car while you're en route.

    a phone in a car phone holder

    18. Up to 26% off a collage picture frame if you love collecting memories, but haven't quite figured out how to display them all yet. You can use it for photos, plane tickets, adorable notes, or other bits and bobs you hold dear.

    a circular gallery picture frame hung on a wall

    19. 30% off a silicone toiletry organizer that'll make you wonder why you ever used other shower caddies. Firstly, it'll never get rusty or slimy. Second, it'll expand to fit basically all your products (and yes, I tried).

    the silicone shower organizer mounted on a wet tile wall

    20. And up to 42% off a pair of corner shelves that'll give you space to display your lotions and potions in your shower. Reviewers say that they're super sturdy and that the adhesive is a lot stronger than suction cups.

    Two shelves in the corner of a shower with products on them

    21. 25% off a vented hair brush that'll make short work of knots and tangles. Thanks to its extra-long plastic bristles, it'll glide right through your hair (not to mention be *chef's kiss* for perfecting a blow-out).

    someone using the brush to detangle their hair in the shower

    22. 38% off a tri-fold vanity mirror so you can peep every angle of your gorgeous face, you stunner, you. Each panel can be adjusted individually (the right one even has dual magnification for detail work) so you'll never miss a thing when you're doing your skincare routine or makeup.

    a trifold backlit vanity mirror with a trinket tray base

    23. 29% off a smokeless hot pot and grill you can use to cook up anything from breakfast to desserts. Reviewers say it heats up quickly, which is perfect if you're entertaining hungry guests.

    The hot pot on a table

    24. 20% off a tropical print tapestry that'll inject some beachy vibes into your urban abode. You can even use it as a tablecloth or stylish curtain if that's more your vibe.

    a tropical print tapestry hung behind the headboard of a bed

    25. 40% off a set of smart light bars that'll give your TV setup a serious cinema-style upgrade. You can program them to sync to your shows or music, and reviewers love that they're easy to set up, too, so you won't have to spend hours getting things hooked up.

    a pair of light bars around a tv

    26. 43% off a Kitchenaid blender that won't take up a ton of space on your counters. If you have stainless steel appliances, it'll blend right in.

    27. 15% off a pack of transparent pimple patches that'll de-juice your zits overnight. Reviewers say they work miracles on cystic acne and love that foundation and concealer glide right over them.

    28. 22% off a microwaveable popcorn bowl so you can make a killer movie snack without the extra trash. The lid doubles as a measuring tool for your kernels, so you won't accidentally overflow the darn thing.

    four steps of how to use the popcorn bowl

    29. 33% off a firm wedge pillow that you can slide between your legs for a more comfortable snooze. It has over 13,000 positive reviews and people say it's a lifesaver for anyone who suffers from back or knee pain.

    30. 32% off a car trash can that you can attach anywhere that's convenient for you and your passengers. It's waterproof, so you won't have to worry about spills, and there are pockets on the sides for extra storage.

    the trash can in different spots in a car

    31. 35% off an ice mould that you can fill with skincare ingredients and oils to refresh your skin. Reviewers say it helps wake them up and that it relieves itchiness and redness like none other.

    the ice roller with rose petals in it

    32. 19% off an electric fabric shaver that'll remove the pilled-up lint that's accumulated on your clothes, carpet, furniture, and sheets. It's so satisfying to use, you'll probably spend hours making over your entire wardrobe with it.

    33. 38% off a ladder shelf that you can throw your collection of cozy blankets on, instead of cluttering up the couch. It has hooks to hang little doodads and a storage basket at the base that you can use for laundry or throws.

    The ladder leaning on a wall with a towel hanging out of its basket

    34. 21% off a panini press if you wanna take your sandwich game to the next level. It has nonstick plates, so you won't have to worry about your BLTs gettin' destroyed.

    A panini in the press

    35. Up to 50% off a 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop that'll clean your floors while you chill. It's compatible with a bunch of voice assistants and can tackle different surfaces (even picking up floofy pet hair!).

    a robot vacuum on a wood floor

    36. Up to 36% off a table lamp that has three USB ports and two three-prong outlets built right into it. Now you won't have to clutter up your bedside table or desk with a power bar or massive charging base.

    The lamp on a bed side table beside a mug and two charging phones

    37. 50% off a 4K Fire TV stick that'll turn your television into a streaming haven. You'll be able to access all of your streaming platform subscriptions in one place. The remote is even Alexa-enabled, meaning you can ask it to start playing whatever you're looking for (no need to scroll for hours).

    Bianca holding up the Fire TV Stick remote in front of the television

    38. Up to 35% off a Foreo cleansing brush that'll unclog your pores and leave your skin feeling cleaner than ever. Reviewers say it's great for removing makeup, so you won't have to use a thousand wipes to get unglam.

    A person scrubbing their face with the device

    39. Up to 30% off a glare-free Kindle Paperwhite that'll help you declutter your shelves, all while building the virtual library of your dreams. It's waterproof, so you can fearlessly use it while you're relaxing in the bath.

    a person holding a kindle next to a cat

    40. Up to 33% off a ⭐stellar⭐ light projector that'll transport you to a galaxy far, far away. Reviewers love that the projected stars gently rotate around a cosmic nebula, which means it'll never look boring or potentially aggravate anyone who's photosensitive.

    41. Up to 30% off a headband with Bluetooth capabilities that'll make catching z's a total breeze (who doesn't love drifting off to a podcast or Bon Iver). You can also pop it on as a headband and wear it while you're working out — it's a great option for people who are tired of earbuds falling out and don't want to switch to bulky over-ear headphones.

    A blank background with the headphone mask on it

    42. 33% off a bestselling cookware set that reviewers say are absolutely gorgeous, easy to clean, and actually non-stick. They also say that their heat distribution is excellent, unlike cheaper alternatives that can leave you with unevenly cooked dishes.

    a cookware set on a blank background

    43. 24% off a cool mist humidifier if you can't stand the dry winter air. Reviewers say it's super quiet, which is fab for anyone who intends on sleeping with it on.

    a humidifier on a low table

    44. Up to 36% off a hanging car trunk organizer that'll turn the back of your car seats into a tidy, multi-pocketed storage situation for all of your roadtrip essentials. Reviewers love that it helps keep things organized without taking up much precious cargo space.

    a trunk organizer on the back seat of a car

    45. 50% off an Amazon Echo you can control with your voice to manage your entertainment, music, and smart home gizmos. Reviewers say the sound quality is *chef's kiss* and love how user-friendly it is.

    an echo on a counter

    46. And finally, 27% off a light therapy lamp that's small enough to tuck away in a desk drawer. It can help ease seasonal affective disorder symptoms, regulate your sleep cycle, and make you less fatigued (among other things).

    A person meditating on a mat beside the lamp

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