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    Cyber Monday Is Here, And So Are These Sweet Under $50 Deals

    We love a budget-friendly find.

    Ah, Cyber Monday! The sun is shining, the air is crisp, and these amazing deals have arrived. Whether you're shopping for gifts or just for yourself, we've rounded up all the best stuff you can get (that won't blow your budget, either). So keep calm and shop on, pals!

    1. 50% off a pinky ring set from Jenny Bird if your baby finger is feelin' a little bare. The larger of the two has a band of glossy blue enamel on the inside, so you'll get a hidden pop of colour.

    A person wearing the two pinky rings on their baby finger

    2. 30% off a coffee-based body scrub that'll give your skin a sweet hit of caffeine. Instead of harsh chemicals and pore-clogging ingredients, this one's packed with real coffee grounds, brown sugar, and a whole slew of hydrating oils so your bod will feel soft 'n' smooth.

    a person holding up a bag of the coffee scrub in their bathroom

    3. 40% off a pair of cute split-hem yoga pants that'll make you wanna ditch the denim. The wide waistband will keep you supported (rather than squashed), so you can focus on your vinyasa.

    a person wearing the split gem leggings with a crop top

    4. 30% off a LEGO Guardians of The Galaxy advent calendar for any fan of Groot and the gang. It's holiday-themed and has a combination of characters and buildable pieces, so it's sure to add some unique bits to your collection.

    two children playing with the figures from the advent calendar

    5. 29% off a bottle of Whoosh! screen cleaner that's specially designed to give your tech the deep clean it — let's face it — desperately needs. The formula's free of ammonia and alcohol, making it both odourless and residue-free.

    a bottle of the screen cleaner on a sideboard next to a tv

    6. 35% off a copy of Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid if your summer reading stack is looking low. It'll suck you right back into the TJR universe, this time following the drama of the Riva siblings as they host their annual epic party in Malibu on a summer night in 1983.

    the book leaning on a stack of other books

    7. 36% off a beverage dispenser that you can fill with tasty beveraginos at your next event. It has a leakproof spigot, so you won't need to worry about drips getting all over your floors.

    The drink dispenser with drinks in front of it

    8. Up to 26% off a duffel bag that you can tote to the gym or bring on your next weekend trip. The bottom of the bag has a shoe compartment to keep your (potentially smelly) kicks from stinking up your clean clothes.

    The bag on the floor of a gym next to a person

    9. 36% off a set of glass straws that are more eco-friendly than whatever you get at the drive-thru. Since they're wider than traditional straws, you can also use 'em to slurp smoothies and milkshakes.

    two glasses filled with drink and fresh fruit with the glass straws in them

    10. Up to 21% off a milk frother if you want to take your barista skills to the next level. It'll make heavenly foam out of your milk of choice (seriously, you'll never want to buy an overpriced latte again).

    11. 33% off a vegan leather remote caddy that'll keep your plethora of controllers in one place, instead of constantly getting lost between couch cushions. Reviewers love it so much, they've bought multiples to use around the house.

    a bunch of remotes in their own spots in the caddy while it sits on a table

    12. 15% off a pack of reusable Garnier makeup remover pads that are an eco-friendly alternative to your regular old cotton pads. Pair them with a bottle of their cult-favourite micellar water and removing even the most intense glam look will be a total breeze.

    The box on top of several makeup removing pads

    13. 15% off a set of gel nail polishes for anyone who wants to become their own manicurist. The cured polishes can last up to three weeks, so you won't have to worry about your mani chipping every time you get your hands wet.

    a photo showing all of the different colour nail swatches and the base and top coats in front of a plain background

    14. 13% off a tub of squalane-infused e.l.f. Poreless putty primer that's TikTok-famous for a reason, y'all. It'll smooth out your complexion and give your makeup something to hold onto, so it'll stay perfect throughout all your summer adventures.

    15. 31% off a Schick dermaplaning wand that'll whisk away buildup from sunscreen and sweat and leave your face looking 💯. The blade's got teensy guards to prevent nicks and cuts, and once it gets dull, you can just swap it for one of the included refills.

    16. 15% off a pack of oversized pimple patches that are big enough tackle any uncomfy body breakouts popping up on your sweaty summer bod. They can be snipped into all kinds of shapes and sizes, so zits won't have anywhere to hide.

    17. 14% off an exfoliating foot peel mask because though your boots may be cute, they're wreaking serious havoc on your stompers. Reviewers say just one application is enough to transform their feet, so you won't have to take frequent trips to the salon (or spend all your $$$ on pedis).

    18. 30% off a stainless steel water bottle that'll keep your drink frosty all day long. Thanks to the spout lid, you won't dump H2O all over yourself when you're sipping.

    A person opening the water bottle

    19. Up to 26% off a collage picture frame if you love collecting memories, but haven't quite figured out how to display them all yet. You can use it for photos, plane tickets, adorable notes, or other bits and bobs you hold dear.

    a circular gallery picture frame hung on a wall

    20. 20% off a pair of heart-shaped cups if you're on the hunt for grid-worthy drinkware. The double-walled glass isn't just for aesthetics — it's actually thermoregulating, too, which means your hot cup of cocoa will stay toasty for longer.

    a person clasping one of the glass mugs in their hands; the inside is shaped like a heart

    21. 44% off a wraps and trims bundle that'll get you prepped for the holiday season ahead. It comes with paper, bows, labels, and twine (aka everything you'll need to get the job done).

    The supplies laid out on a blank background

    22. And 44% off a set of traditional crackers that'll be a hit at your next festive event. Each one is packed with a fun lil' party hat, a stocking stuffer, and a game card.

    The crackers in their box

    23. 30% off Urban Decay Moondust Shadow if you live to ✨sparkle✨. According to #beautytok, the shade "Space Cowboy" is the real MVP.

    Several eye shadows laid out

    24. 30% off a silicone toiletry organizer that'll make you wonder why you ever used other shower caddies. Firstly, it'll never get rusty or slimy. Second, it'll expand to fit basically all your products (and yes, I tried).

    the silicone shower organizer mounted on a wet tile wall

    25. 26% off a veggie chopper that'll make prepping ingredients a total breeze. It comes with every bell and whistle you could ever need, so you'll be able to slice, dice, spiral, and grate without adding a ton of new tools to your kitchen's junk drawers.

    A person chopping onions with the gadget

    26. 25% off a pair of crew socks because your ankle socks just ain't gonna cut it anymore. They even have cushioned foot beds to give ya some extra padding when you're stomping around.

    27. 60% off a sherpa fleece coat for the days when it's a bit too warm for puffer (those still happen, even in December). It has slit pockets hidden in the side seams where you can stash you keys and wallet, plus two buttoned flap pockets on the front.

    28. 20% off a set of sleek and chic porcelain mixing bowls that'll let you go from prep to storage in a snap. They come with matching lids equipped with handy date dials, so you'll never have to guess if your food is past its prime.

    29. Up to 35% off a magical Revlon one-step styler that'll dry, volumize, and ~zhuzh~ your tresses all in one go. Now you won't need to mess around with a thousand hair tools when you're running late.

    30. 30% off a blue light-blocking screen protector that'll save your peepers and keep your fave device safe, too. It's made of tempered glass and has a smidge of antimicrobial silver to protect your phone from any germ invasions.

    the blue light screen protector in its packaging

    31. 20% off a pack of peroxide-free whitening strips that'll brighten your chompers in just a few minutes without damaging your enamel or irritating your gums. Reviewers reported zero sensitivity and love the flavour, too (courtesy of all-natural coconut extract).

    a person holding up a trio of the whitening strips

    32. 20% off a headache-relieving gel mask for when your ibuprofen could use a lil' assistance. Use it hot or cold — turning up the heat is easy via the remote, or you can pop the removable gel pad into the freezer if you need a dose of ~chill~ instead.

    someone peeling the removable gel pad off the back of the face mask

    33. 38% off a light therapy mask if you're dying to see what all the fuss is about. It's got three colours to choose from, so you can cater your treatment to your needs (psst — blue light helps chill out acne!).

    the light therapy mask on a blank background

    34. 25% off a tube of Lancôme Lash Idôle mascara that'll lift your tiniest hairs to the high heavens and keep them there. It'll give you volume (sans clumps) and bless you with a bit of extra length, too.

    The wand beside a before and after of a person using the product

    35. 25% off a pair of sweatshorts if you run hot even in the winter. Reviewers love the loose and boxy fit and say that they're the *perfect* length.

    36. 28% off a bottle of Biotherm's cult-fave Lait Corporel lotion that'll banish dry skin to another dimension. Unlike thick creams, this one's feather-light and absorbs in mere seconds, so you won't leave greasy patches every time you touch something.

    Victoria holding up a bottle of the biotherm lotion

    37. 25% off a heatless curling set from Kitsch if you're tired of frying your hair with your hot tools. You'll get a bendy satin wand, plus two scrunchies to keep your hair in place.

    A person pulling the rod out of their hair

    38. 31% off a cult-favourite ChomChom Roller that'll rid your furniture of stray fur in just a few swipes. It doesn't involve any sticky paper and can be used over and over again, making it way more eco-friendly than traditional rollers.

    A BuzzFeed editor's photo of her Chom Chom roller full of cat hair

    39. 50% off a fleece sweatshirt from adidas that'll become a staple in your WFH wardrobe. Plus, it's probably a lot cuter than the hole-riddled one you still have from high school.

    40. Up to 41% off a multi-picture photo display that'll help you finally make use of all those awkwardly-shaped spaces. Hang it straight, on an angle, or reconfigure the frames whenever you want — all without knocking dozens of holes in your wall (you'll only need one!).

    a pair of angled hanging frames mounted on a stair wall

    41. 28% off a Tile Slim Bluetooth tracker that'll help you keep an eye on all your stuff. Slip it into your wallet, keep it in your bag, or pop it into a luggage tag — you'll be surprised by how much time you'll save at baggage claim.

    Alice's hand holding the Tile slim

    42. 25% off a vented hair brush that'll make short work of knots and tangles. Thanks to its extra-long plastic bristles, it'll glide right through your hair (not to mention be *chef's kiss* for perfecting a blow-out).

    A person combing through a child's curly hair with the brush

    43. 15% off a tube of Dr. Scholl's foot cream if your stompers are looking a little worse for wear. It'll help heal dry, cracked skin and absorbs in a flash, so you won't leave greasy footprints all over your house.

    victoria holding a tube of dr. scholl's hydrating foot cream

    44. 44% off a pair of wireless Beats earphones that'll help you chill out and tune in to your fave music. Thanks to their connecting cable, you'll never have to stress about losing a bud when you're out living your life.

    a person wearing the connected wireless earbuds while looking off camera

    45. 33% off a ⭐stellar⭐ light projector that'll transport you to a galaxy far, far away. Reviewers love that the projected stars gently rotate around a cosmic nebula, which means it'll never look boring or potentially aggravate anyone who's photosensitive.

    46. 30% off a gift set from The Body Shop mini body butters and shower gels in two seasonal scents: Wild Pine and Spiced Orange. 'Tis the season to stay moisturized and smell delicious.

    The products laid out on a wooden table

    47. 53% off a funky keyboard cover that'll stop dust and crumbs from settling between their buttons. It's made of soft silicone and will keep the annoying click-clack of the keys to a minimum, too.

    48. Up to 27% off a hair-removing tool that'll whisk away unwanted fuzz with minimum ouch. Reviewers love how gentle it is on sensitive skin — it won't cause annoying ingrown hairs and can even be used on ultra-short growth, which means you won't need to wait before trimming again.

    a person using the hair removing tool on their face

    49. 21% off a bottle of CeraVe foaming cleanser that'll wash away dirt and grime without leaving your skin feeling parched (thanks, hyaluronic acid!). Reviewers say it has helped clear their cystic acne and love that it's gentle enough for sensitive skin.

    The bottle of cleanser on a counter beside a candle

    50. Up to 70% off a cropped Perfectly Oversized sweatshirt from lululemon if you dream of comfort, and comfort only. It's made of the brand's Softstreme fabric that's a got a peach-fuzz texture — if that's not the coziest thing you've ever heard, IDK what is.

    a person wearing the slouchy sweatshirt with a pair of shorts