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    The Best Amazon Canada Deals You Can Get On Cyber Monday

    Get them while they're hot!

    It's officially Cyber Monday, which means you can still score epic deals on all kinds of things for yourself, or grab them as gifts (if you're feeling generous). Amazon Canada has a bunch of majorly-discounted products and we've already picked the best ones for you — make sure you grab them while you can, since they won't stick around forever!

    1. 16% off an Instax smartphone printer so you can make hard copies of all your fave memz. Since it prints pictures in landscape, you'll finally be able to show off those sweet sunset panoramas you collected over the summer.

    a flatlay of the square instax printer on a bed of printed photos

    2. 47% off an Echo Show that'll be the main hub for all your new smart home accessories. You can also use it to listen to music, stream shows, make video calls, and more.

    a family making a video call on the device

    3. Up to 38% off a Bissell portable carpet cleaner that'll get spills and stains out of rugs and upholstery in a flash. It can also be used to clean the upholstery in your car and reviewers say it's a must-have for parents and pet owners.

    a person using the cleaner to suck up a stain on a rug

    4. 30% off a Magic Mixies Crystal Ball that's probably at the top of your kiddo's wishlist. They'll be able to use the wand to cast a spell that'll reveal a mystical lil' creature, or they can teach it to tell fortunes and play games.

    5. 33% off a Nespresso coffee maker that'll brew a café-quality drink in literal seconds. Pop your pod of choice in, press the button, and watch the machine do it's thing.

    The Nespresso on a wooden coffee bar

    6. 29% off a NutriBullet blender that has three precision speeds, plus a pulse function for good measure. Whether you're smoothing out soup or mixing up nut butter, this is bound to come in handy.

    A person standing behind a blender filled with veggies

    7. 28% off a Cricut Joy cutting machine for anyone who loves to DIY, but doesn't have the room for another gadget. Its compact size means you can easily pack it away, and you can use it to make hundreds of custom projects, including iron-on clothing transfers, vinyl decals, and one-of-a-kind greeting cards.

    8. Up to 25% off a Dash egg bite maker that'll give you sous-vide style oeufs in a flash. It'll be perfect for meal prepping breakfasts for the week, and you can even take the moulds out if you're craving a delish breakfast sandwich instead.

    the cooker next to a plate of egg bites with a plain background

    9. 50% off a 4K Fire TV stick that'll turn your existing screen into a smart TV if a new one isn't in the budget. You'll be able to access all of your streaming platform subscriptions in one place, and the remote is Alexa-enabled, meaning you can ask it to start playing whatever you're looking for (no need to scroll for hours).

    Bianca holding up the Fire TV Stick remote in front of the television

    10. Up to 35% off a smokeless fire pit that'll give your outdoor space a cozy upgrade this winter. Since it's fuelled by propane, it won't leave behind a mess of ash and smoke.

    the fire bowl beside a chair on a deck

    11. Up to 30% off a Kindle Paperwhite for the anyone who loves to spend cozy winter afternoons with their nose in a book. It has an anti-glare screen for reading in the sun and an adjustable back light, so you can turn virtual pages until the wee hours of the morning without straining your eyes.

    Bianca holding up a Kindle in front of a chair

    12. 30% of Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze that'll lock your fluffy and full brows in place all day long. The clear gel won't change the colour of the hairs, meaning it's perfect for anyone who loves the natural look of a soap brow.

    a before and after of a person using the brow gel

    13. 27% off a Ring doorbell 3 if you want a little extra security at your front door. It has a teeny tiny camera in it, so you'll be able to see who comes a-knockin' from the companion app on your phone. It also has motion detection, so you'll get an alert when there's activity outside (even if you're not home).

    14. Up to 35% off a magical Revlon one-step styler that'll dry, volumize, and ~zhuzh~ your tresses all in one go. Now you won't need to mess around with a thousand hair tools when you're running late.

    15. 17% off a Snow Joe snow blower that'll have you bidding farewell to your shovel for good. Now you won't have to break your back to clear your driveway.

    A person using the snow blower on a pile of snow

    16. 30% off a pair of Ray-Ban Classic Aviators that have probably been on your wishlist since you saw the new Top Gun movie. Reviewers love how lightweight they are and say they're great at blocking the glare from the sun.

    a person wearing the sunglasses against a plain background

    17. 22% off a car seat cover that'll only take up half your backseat and will keep your dog's stray hairs and muddy paws from ruining your upholstery. It's water- and stain-resistant, plus it has pockets where you can tuck their leash, treats, and toys.

    a dog on the hammock in the back seat of a car

    18. Up to 33% off a Fire HD 10 tablet that has an impressive 12 hour battery-life. You can use it to stream shows or make video calls to family, and it also has a split screen function, so you'll be able to whatever show you're currently marathoning while you check your email.

    a family using the tablet at the dinner table

    19. And 29% off a Fire HD 8 Kids Pro tablet for your technology-obsessed kiddo. They'll be able to use it to watch shows or play games, and it even comes in a kid-friendly case that'll protect it if it gets dropped.

    a kid playing with the tablet

    20. 23% off a desktop humidifier that'll add a lil' moisture into the air when things are feeling dry. It has a colourful light if you want some ambiance, and reviewers say it's nice and quiet, too.

    the humidifier on a stump of wood

    21. Up to 38% off a silicone Apple Watch charging stand that'll give your gadget a home on your desk or bedside table. Reviewers love that there's space inside for extra cord, so it'll reduce clutter, too.

    The stand on a bedside table with an apple watch on it

    22. 43% off a Stanley cocktail shaker set that comes with two stainless steel cups, a citrus reamer, and a jigger cap. All the pieces fit together and are sturdy enough to bring along on outdoor adventures.

    The shaker next to a mixed drink on a bar cart

    23. 27% off a pack of water colouring books for the budding artiste on your list. Water in the pen will reveal colourful portraits on the pages, and once they dry up, they can be used again and again (bonus: you won't have to worry about them decorating the house with markers).

    a kid playing with the water colouring book

    24. 31% off a Manscaped electric trimmer that'll make it easy to maintain your grooming routine. It's waterproof and it has skin-safe ceramic blade heads, so you can use it in the shower without worrying about accidents happening around sensitive areas.

    a person's hand reaching for the trimmer

    25. Up to 33% off a handheld vacuum so you can suck up tiny dirt particles and debris without dragging out your full-sized cleaning equipment. It even comes with a 2-in-1 crevice tool, so crumbs won't have anywhere to hide.

    a person using the vacuum to clean up spilled candy

    26. 30% off a treat-tossing Furbo camera that'll let you stalk your dog when you're not at home (and feed them snacks, too). It has a barking sensor and will send you notifications when your dog is acting up — you can even use the two-way audio to tell them to cut it out!

    A corgi getting a treat from the Furbo

    27. 29% off a Marshall Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to your favourite playlists and podcasts at top volume. A single charge will give you more than 20 hours of playtime and it's water-resistant, meaning you can bring it on that beach vacation you're planning.

    the speaker sitting in a puddle outside

    28. 30% off an Anker portable charger that'll keep your devices fully powered up while you're on the go. It has enough juice to charge your gadgets several times over, so you won’t have to constantly plug it in to ensure you have a battery backup.

    the charger on top of a weekender bag

    29. 27% off a Bose portable speaker that you can take with you on all your adventures. It comes with a tear-resistant silicone strap, so you can attach it to your bike, treadmill, or anywhere else you wanna listen to your beats.

    The portable speaker on a bike

    30. 30% off a bottle of Bioderma shower oil that'll make your morning routine more luxe. Reviewers say it's also great for cleaning makeup brushes and that it doesn't leave any greasy residue on their bristles.

    The bottle on a bathroom counter

    31. 20% off a pair of Sony noise-cancelling wireless headphones so you can listen to the new Taylor Swift album without any interruptions. You can also control them with Alexa and use them for hands-free calling.

    a photo of Melina wearing the headphones outside

    32. 30% off a pair of Loop earplugs for anyone who wants some peace and quiet. They don't totally block sound, instead helping to filter out excessively loud noise, so you can enjoy a concert without your ears ringing for hours afterwards.

    a person wearing the earplugs

    33. 47% off an AncestryDNA kit for anyone who wants to dig deeper into their family history. Once you send your sample in you'll be able to build your digital family tree. Who knows...maybe you have long lost cousins that can't wait to connect with you!

    the kit next to a phone against a plain background

    34. 29% off a pack of smart bulbs so you can switch up your room's vibe without having to commit to stick-on strips or extra fixtures. They can be popped into existing lamps and can flex between standard white and fun colours with the help of an app.

    a pair of smart light bulbs next to their packaging

    35. 35% off an Amazon eero mesh Wi-Fi system so you can bask in a solid, uninterrupted signal (no matter where you are in your house, or how many people are connected at once). It's easy to set up — like, it takes mere minutes — so you'll be up and surfing the web in no time.

    a trio of mesh wifi routers on a colourful background

    36. 27% off a set of Pureology hydrating shampoo and conditioner that's jam-packed with jojoba oil and green tea, which can make dry, brittle hair feel softer and look shinier. It can work for all kinds of hair types, whether you've got gorgeous curly curls, soft waves, or pin-straight and colour-treated tresses.

    a bottle of shampoo and conditioner on a window ledge next to a comb

    37. 54% off a heat-up compression eye mask that'll massage your face, making it great for headaches and eye strain. It has built-in Bluetooth speakers that'll help you block out the outside world, so you can really chill out.

    A person wearing the mask while lying in bed

    38. 36% off a pack of rug grippers that are backed with tiny suction pores and will keep your carpet from sliding around on your hardwood. They'll also stop the edges from curling up, keeping everything looking sleek.

    A person applying a gripper to the back of their rug

    39. 31% off a frameless mirror that'll add some ~aesthetic~ oomph to your dull 'n' boring apartment. Reviewers love that it's small enough to keep on their desks, so they can do sneaky makeup touches at work without scooting to the bathroom.

    The mirror looking aesthetic as heck in various rooms

    40. 39% off a super-powered KitchenAid hand mixer that'll ~whisk~ you through meal prep. Don't worry about getting tangled in the cable — it clips to either side, so you can use the mixer left- or right-handed and attack your ingredients from the right angle.

    A person holding the hand mixer against a colourful backdrop

    41. 37% off a Fitbit Versa 4 smartwatch that'll keep track of all your stats, whether you're breaking a sweat or taking a snooze. You can use it to track your sleep patterns, check on your heart rate, and even map your runs.

    the watch in front of a plain background

    42. 32% off an Aerogarden Sprout so you can still have access to your own fresh herb garden through the winter. It can fit up to three plants and will do all the hard work for you, so you'll be able to keep your green thumb flexed long after your outdoor garden has frozen over.

    The garden with tomatoes in it

    43. Up to 24% off a JBL Flip 6 Bluetooth speaker that'll play your favourite playlists and podcasts at an impressive volume. It's dust-proof and waterproof, so it'll keep up with all your outdoor adventures.

    the speaker beside a pool with people splashing

    44. 20% off a teeth whitening kit to help remove surface stains and make your smile shine ✨even brighter✨ at the office holiday party. Reviewers say they've seen results after just one application and that it's a great option for people who are sensitive to other whitening products.

    The trays, whitening guide, applicators, and light on top of a throw pillow

    45. 33% off a sunrise-simulating clock that's much less annoying than a beeping alarm. If you live in a basement apartment (or have a super dark bedroom), this will make waking up a lot easier.

    The alarm clock on a bedside table

    46. 34% off an electric fabric shaver that'll remove the pilled-up lint that's accumulated on your clothes, carpet, furniture, and sheets. It's so satisfying to use, you'll probably spend hours making over your entire wardrobe with it.

    47. 25% off a Logitech wheel and floor pedals if racing games are your jam. Reviewers say they have 💯 response, plus good force feedback, and love how many wheel buttons it has.

    A person using the racing wheel while gaming

    48. Up to 24% off a skincare fridge to store all of your masks and serums for a seriously refreshing twist to your daily routine. It can also warm things up with the flip of a switch (I'm thinking warm towels for your next DIY facial).

    49. And finally, 20% off a Tile starter pack that'll help you find your lost items, even if your Bluetooth is out of reach. Simply connect to the free companion app, and you'll be able to track down your missing stuff in a flash.

    the trackers on a set of keys and in a wallet on a table

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