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    These 21 Home Decor Goods Are Gorgeous As Heck, But Won’t Break The Bank

    Make over your apartment without spending everything in your savings account.

    1. A speckled catchall dish that you can use to organize all your trinkets 'n' treasures. It's split into three sections, meaning you can keep give your rings, studs, and chains their own lil' homes.

    The catchall dish on a book with trinkets inside

    2. A sunny bath mat that's perfect for smaller spaces. It's made of super absorbent material and has grippy backing, so it won't migrate around your space.

    The bath mat beside a bath tub

    3. A pedestal vase that'll make any bouquet you throw in it look even more ✨gorgeous✨. If minimalist pieces are your jam, this definitely needs to be a part of your collection.

    Several colourful flowers in the vase

    4. And a bouquet of artificial flowers that won't die on you after, like, a day. Reviewers say they look like the real deal, so you could totally lie to your guests and say you grew them yourself.

    The flowers in a vase

    5. A sunset lamp that'll make your space look like a dreamy tropical escape, even when the rain is getting you down. If your apartment has harsh lighting, this baby's colourful glow will be a welcome addition to your life.

    The lamp projecting a sunset onto a wall

    6. An incense holder that'll keep your sticks at the perfect angle while they burn (say goodbye to the days of getting ashes everywhere). It has loop handles on either side, so you could even hang it up on your gallery wall when you're not using it.

    A stick of incense in the holder

    7. A rattan picture frame so you can keep your fave candid on display. It'll match with your boho decor and is much cuter than those classic black-rimmed frames you find at the dollar store.

    The picture frame on a shelf

    8. A celestial moon knob so you can see a cute crescent 24 hours a day, not just at night. If you don't wanna swap out any of the ones on your dresser, you could mount it on your wall instead and hang necklaces from it.

    Two moon knobs on a dresser

    9. And a moon phase wall hanging that'll take your lunar decor to the next level. It can be hung horizontally or vertically, making it great for all spaces.

    The moon phase wall hanging on a wall beside a window

    10. A lil' rug that you can pop in front of your front door or by your kitchen sink to zhuzh things up (or cover up unsightly marks or paint splatters).

    11. A tapestry that'll remind you to take it easy every time you look at it. It has metal grommets on the top corners, so you won't have to pierce the fabric to hang it up.

    The tapestry on a wall above a bedside table

    12. A pedestal serving bowl that'll make your produce look even prettier than it already does. It's microwave-safe, so you could also use it to reheat and serve dishes at your next barbecue.

    The bowl filled with lemons

    13. A dog balloon figurine that looks *real* close to the ones designed by Jeff Koons (but, obvi, is much less expensive). If you're looking for a knickknack to amp up your bookshelf or desk, this petite chien is calling your name.

    A person holding the dog balloon sculpture

    14. A set of six pebble candles that'll add some zen to your space. They look cute even when they aren't burning, so you'll want to keep 'em on display.

    The pebble candles in a tray

    15. A pair of metal birds if you wanna add more than just pics and posters to your walls. Reviewers say they're perfect for anyone who vibes with minimalist decor.

    The metal birds in a dining room over a couch

    16. A pack of lemon decals that'll give you the freedom to create your own design on your walls, without having to commit to wallpaper. Reviewers love how easy it is to reposition them, so they can constantly change things up.

    The lemon decals on a kitchen backsplash

    17. A petal-shaped snack bowl that'll make even your weirdest snack mix combos look cute as heck. If you order multiples, you can use 'em to keep your ingredients organized when you're prepping more complex recipes.

    Six pinch bowls on a counter, three with fruit and snacks in them

    18. A vanity tray where you can display your lotions and potions in style. It'll also be a great spot for keeping your smaller pieces of jewellery (y'know, the ones that tend to roll away if you take your eyes off them) if you like to shower sans bling.

    The tray with a necklace, lotion, and lipstick on it

    19. A faux hydrangea garland if you wish you could grow a garden in your room, but don't have a knack for keeping plants alive. Remember to order multiples if you really wanna make a statement.

    20. A toothbrush holder with a matte finish that looks like a piece of modern art. Thanks to the U shape, you'll be able to keep your floss, toothpaste, and toothbrush separate from your roommate's.

    The toothbrush holder with a toothbrush inside

    21. And finally, a pair of heart-shaped vases that you can use for itty-bitty bouquets or propagating plants. You can even mount them on your wall if you don't have any desk or windowsill space left for your budding buds.

    A bouquet in a vase on a desk

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