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    23 Things That'll Honestly Make Your Home Look Pretty Enough To Put In A Magazine

    This is the summer my home turns pretty.

    1. An acrylic stool to replace that busted side table you thrifted many moons ago. Since the legs double as magazine holders, it'll help reduce clutter in your living room, too.

    The table beside a couch in a living room

    2. An optical illusion lamp that'll add a bit of light to your bedside table and double as decor. Reviewers say it's bright enough for reading, but that it doesn't give off a major glare (great if you've got a snoozing partner next to you).

    3. A frog serving board that'll quickly become your fave charcuterie platter. Fill its lil' tum with your fave fromages and your guests won't be able to get enough.

    The platter with cilantro, a lime, and salt on it

    4. A bold 'n' bright accent chair that'll ~zhuzh up~ any boring corner you put it in. Reviewers say it's comfy as heck and a breeze to get pet hair off of (so you won't have to stress if it becomes your cat's new fave spot).

    The chair in a living room

    5. A tapestry of all the best lucky charms that'll have good things coming your way (hopefully). Now you won't have to carry around a rabbit's foot or hunt for four-leaf clovers when you wanna turn things around.

    The tapestry on a wall

    6. An antique-inspired claw doorstop that looks like it belongs in the castle in The Beauty and the Beast. It's made of hefty cast aluminum, so you won't have to worry about the weight of your door pushing it around.

    The doorstop propping back a door

    7. A toothbrush holder with a matte finish that looks like a piece of modern art. Thanks to the U shape, you'll be able to keep your floss, toothpaste, and toothbrush separate from your roommates'.

    The toothbrush holder with a toothbrush inside

    8. A live edge coffee table with hairpin legs that'll instantly elevate your whole living room sitch. Reviewers say it's perfect for smaller spaces, making it perfect for condo dwellers.

    The coffee table in the middle of a living room

    9. A leafy floor lamp that'll add some botanical flair to your apartment. It has a step-on switch so you won't need to fumble around with any cords or controllers to illuminate your space.

    The lamp in a living room between a chair and dresser

    10. An aesthetic-as-heck bubble glass that you'll want to use for all your iced coffees and cocktails. It'll also look cute on your grid, making it a must-have for anyone who likes to share their beveraginos on social media.

    Two bubble glasses and a bubble candle in a wooden basket

    11. A smiley face bath mat that you'll be happy to see before (and after) your morning shower. Thanks to its small size, it's great for shoebox bathrooms.

    The smiley face bath mat beside a tub

    12. A chic stacking game that's so pretty, you'll wanna leave it on display after game night. The weighted metal base will keep it upright and save pieces from flying everywhere during particularly heated matches.

    The game on a coffee table in a living room

    13. A bar cart that'll keep your fave bottles and cute cocktail accessories on display. Since it's equipped with rubber-rimmed wheels, you'll be able to roll it around when you're hosting events without busting up your floors.

    The bar cart with bottles and decor accessories on it

    14. And a rattan wine rack where you can store your bottles of sauvignon blanc and bubbly. It has enough space for six bottles, so you can rotate out your faves.

    Two bottles of wine in the rack

    15. A collection of minimalist prints if you're tired of hunting for pictures that go together. They're all in muted tones, so you won't have to worry about 'em clashing with the rest of your decor.

    The six prints on a wall

    16. An over-the-door hanging mirror that has hidden storage for all your rings, bling, and fancy things. It has two built-in LED lights that'll make it easy to find what you're looking for, even when you don't want to turn on your overheads.

    The closed mirror and the open mirror filled with jewellery

    17. A woodland rug if you wanna bring the outside in (but don't wanna fill your home with flora and fauna). If you're all about the cottagecore aesthetic, you probably need this in your life.

    18. A trio of metal flowers if you're straight-up over plain prints and framed photos. These will add a lil' extra somethin' to your walls and will definitely have your guests asking, "where did you get those?".

    The three flowers above a console table

    19. A set of colourful coupe glasses that you'll want to use whenever you have company. Because they're different colours, your guests won't be stuck wondering which drink belongs to whom.

    The coupe glasses stacked in a pyramid

    20. A strand of glowing fairy lights that will make your space look downright dreamy. They're remote controlled, so you won't even need to get up to make them twinkle.

    Fairy lights and photos hanging on a wall behind a bed

    21. A picture shelf that you can use to show off your cute candids. It'll also add a bit of ~dimension~ to your gallery wall if it's lacking depth.

    Several pieces of art on the shelf

    22. A cactus wall hanging that'll give your room some desert vibes. You can also use it as a tablecloth, if you're throwing a dinner party and want to spruce up your spread.

    23. And finally, a set of ultra-slim shelves so you can keep your favourite records on display (and off your floor). Reviewers also love using them as storage for their sunglasses.

    Six ultra-slim shelves with records on them

    You looking at your freshly made-over space:

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