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    28 Things That'll Turn Your Home Into A Party Palace Just In Time For Your Next Gathering

    Calling all hosts who can't help but do the most.

    1. A pair of fringed foil curtains that'll serve as the prettiest party decor, like, ever. Reviewers say it makes a stellar backdrop for snappin' pics, too.

    a person holding a part of the fringed foil curtain

    2. A karaoke microphone that'll have y'all singing your hearts out at your next shindig. It comes with a built-in phone stand, so you can display the lyrics to whatever tune you choose to belt out.

    a person holding a microphone that has a phone holder attached to it

    3. A pack of glow sticks that'll take your dance party to a whole other level. It comes with a ton of mini attachments you can use to turn them into bracelets, anklets, and necklaces.

    a person wearing glow stick bracelets

    4. A bottle opener that has no business being so cute. If cowboys and all things Western are your go-to party aesthetic, this baby belongs at your next hoedown.

    5. A string of outdoor lights that'll turn your patio into the happenin' spot at your next gathering. Reviewers love that they emit a soft, warm glow, rather than being super bright and harsh.

    a soft, warm outdoor light

    6. A durable pitcher you can use for iced tea, sangria, pre-batched cocktails — you name it. It’s made with borosilicate glass, which means you can use it for hot beverages, too.

    a pitcher filled with what looks like sangria

    7. A mini pool table that'll have your party pals lining up to play a game. It won't take up much space, so there'll be plenty of room for other games and festivities, too.

    a mini pool table on a carpet

    8. A multicolour party light that'll help y'all get jiggy with it on the dance floor. It'll sync up with the beat of whatever music is on, which will seriously add some ~vibes~ to the celebration.

    a party light on a white background

    9. A lounge pillow you can use for extra seating when you don't want to lug your dining chairs from room to room. Reviewers say it's super thick and comfortable, and love how easy it it to wipe the fabric clean after spills.

    a square tufted pillow next to a cute chair

    10. A set of durable wine glasses that'll withstand a night of toast-making and shouting cheers. Reviewers say they're also perfect everyday stemware because they're strong enough to handle constant use.

    six wine glasses filled with wine

    11. And a pack of paper cups for your clumsy friends who can't be trusted with glass (sigh). They're also great to have on hand in case you run out of clean cups before the party's over.

    shiny paper cups on a white background

    12. A serving platter that is so gorgeous, all of your guests will wonder where you got it from. It's sure to complement your impressive charcuterie spread and look fab on your counter when you aren't using it, too.

    a wave-edged wooden board with mangos on it

    13. A bumpin' Bluetooth speaker that'll provide y'all with up to 12 hours of play time, so you can jam out all night long. It's waterproof, which means it can withstand the drips and spills that come hand-in-hand with any good party.

    a JBL speaker on a beach

    14. A funky neon bar sign that'll dress up your liquor shelf. If shaking up beveraginos is a must at your parties, your guests will love this ✨vibrant✨ decor piece.

    a neon light-up sign that says bar

    15. A set of nesting bowls that are great for baking, but even better for putting party snacks in. They're made of bamboo, so they won't shatter if they get knocked over.

    five colourful bowls on a counter

    16. A tube of face and body glitter gel because what's a party without a little sparkle? Reviewers say a little goes a long way with this stuff, so it'll last you.

    a person with glitter on their face

    17. A patio table that is also a cooler y'all can stash your adult bevvies in. Thanks to the adjustable top, you can keep the inside concealed when you're not using it for drinks.

    a patio table with a cooler compartment inside

    18. A copy of Easy Cocktails so you can whip up delicious party drinks in a jiffy. Each recipe is made with four ingredients or less, so you won't have to buy a billion random liqueurs and syrups to make a signature bevy.

    the cover of easy cocktails recipe book

    19. A pair of black lights if throwing an epic glow party is on your to-do list. It comes with a set of fluorescent tape that'll help you get a head start on your ✨luminous✨ decor.

    two black lights next to neon tape

    20. And a funky poster that'll glow brilliantly when exposed to black light.

    a psychedelic blacklight poster

    21. An 11-piece cocktail set that'll upgrade your bar and help you serve up some delicious beverages in style. This particular set comes with super cute cocktail cards that'll give you recipes for the classics.

    an eleven-piece cocktail set on a white background

    22. An outdoor rug that'll pull your seating area together if you plan on hosting in your backyard. Its warm tones will make your space feel more cozy in the fall, too.

    an outdoor rug on a patio

    23. An Instax Camera so you can snap pics and print them out instantly. They'll make great keepsakes and fabulous party favours for your pals to take home at the end of the night.

    a person taking a selfie using the instax camera

    24. A wireless doorbell camera that'll give you a heads up when someone comes knockin'. It'll even let you chat with whoever's at the door, or you can record a short message for when you're not at home.

    a doorbell camera on a white background

    25. A handheld citrus squeezer you'll be glad you bought the next time you make a round of margaritas. It'll filter out seeds and pulp, which will save you from using your fingers to pick them out.

    a person using the squeezer to juice a lemon into a coupe

    26. Or a full-fledged juicing machine if you can't help but churn out a slew of craft cocktails and mocktails. It'll separate your peels and rinds for you, so you can focus on creating your next-level party concoctions.

    a large juicing machine on a white background next to various fruits

    27. A ginormous tumble tower game that is deeply inspired by Jenga — except this baby can stack up to five feet tall. Reviewers recommend playing in the grass or on a carpet to avoid denting the pieces (and your hardwood floors).

    a giant tumble tower game falling down on grass

    28. And finally, a What Do You Meme? card game set that'll make you laugh, cringe, and laugh some more. Basically, each player is dealt seven "caption" cards and has to match their funniest (or most inappropriate) card to a chosen meme.

    a person holding a set of caption cards while playing the what do you meme game

    Enjoy the party, y'all!

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