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    27 Products For Anyone Who Hates Putting In Effort, But Expects Amazing Results

    Forever figuring out ways to be lazier.

    1. A self-watering plant pot with a built-in drainage system that'll save you from having to tend to your greenery every week. It has a water storage tank underneath the interior pot, so your leafy baby can suck up all the H2O it needs via connecting cotton ropes.

    The pot with a snake plant inside of it

    2. A five-pack of paint touch-up pens that you can use to cover up unsightly dings, dents, and scratches. Just use the syringe-like mechanism to fill them with your paint and then get down to business — it's *that* easy.

    A person using the pen to cover up a scratch between light switches

    3. And a hardwood repair kit that'll basically do the same thing for your floors and furniture. It comes with four markers in different colours, plus four filler sticks that'll help you deal with deeper scratches and gouges.

    4. This Clairol touch-up powder that'll help you cover your roots when you don't have the time or energy to book an appointment with your colourist. You can also use it to fill in your brows when they're looking a lil' sparse.

    5. This bestselling air fryer that'll give you all the joys of fried food without having to mess around with spattering oil. It'll crisp up your goodies in less time than it would take to preheat your oven and it shuts off automatically, so you won’t have to worry about overcooking.

    A person pressing a button on the face of the air fryer

    6. A pack of press-on nails, so you can give yourself a salon-worthy French manicure at home without even touching a brush. Reviewers say they're strong, long lasting, and keep them from biting their nails.

    A person wearing the nails while holding a gauzy piece of fabric

    7. A genius folding mat that'll save you from struggling to get your tees, tanks, and trousers in order. It'll also make your closet look tidy as heck and help make space for more clothes ('cause you can never have enough).

    A person using the mat to fold a T-shirt

    8. A pack of lavender-scented drain-cleaning sticks that'll prevent your pipes from clogging up. Reviewers say that they eliminate nasty scents in a flash, too.

    A person holding one of the sticks in front of a sink

    9. A handy NYX highlight and contour stick that'll help you sculpt your face with a few quick swipes. Once you're done doodling on your visage, buff it out with your fingers or a sponge and you'll be good to go.

    A person before, during, and after using the stick

    10. A pack of tropical wall decals that'll make your room look like the most gorgeous island you ever did see. Some reviewers even use them on their windows to block out nosy neighbours (don't worry — light can still shine through them).

    The stickers on a bedroom wall

    11. A pair of exfoliating foot peel booties that are made with smoothing and moisturizing ingredients and will make you shed your dead skin like a snake (gross, but also really satisfying).

    12. A robotic vacuum that'll clean your floors, so you won't have to do it yourself. It's as quiet as a microwave, so it won't bug you while it sweeps up messes.

    The vacuum sucking up cereal on a hardwood floor

    13. A set of tie-free shoe laces that'll transform your favourite pair of runners into slip-ons. They'll make putting on your shoes quicker and easier, and won't come undone if you break into a sprint.

    A person wearing shoes with lock laces in them

    14. A jar of odour-absorbing beads that takes zero effort to put into action and will stop your shoes from stinking up your entire apartment. Reviewers love that it leaves their space smelling fresh, instead of just masking it with another scent (like most sprays do).

    The odour-absorbing beads in a shoe closet

    15. A smudgeproof eyeliner stamp that'll give you that perfect flick without trying too hard. It has one stamp for your left eye and one for your right, so you won't have to do any weird maneuvering to make your look work.

    A person using the stamp on their eyelid

    16. A handheld milk frother that'll help you whip up frothy, foamy beverages in the comfort of your own kitchen, so you won't need to walk to your local coffee shop for a latté. You can also use it to scramble eggs if using a fork is just too much work for you.

    A person using the frother in their coffee

    17. A pack of Bottle Bright tablets that'll cleanse your stained, hard-to-clean bottles and cannisters without the help of any fancy tools. Just add water, drop one in, and let it do its thing.

    A person dropping the tablet into a water bottle

    18. A pack of bestselling gel toilet stamps that'll help clean away stains and rings with every flush. They have a rainshower scent, so your bathroom will always smell fresh, no matter what goes on in there.

    19. A pair of silicone liner sheets that'll catch falling pieces of food, so you won't have to clean the bottom of your oven on a bi-weekly basis. They can also be used in microwaves and toaster ovens, too (just trim them to fit).

    An oven with a liner sheet on the bottom catching crumbs

    20. And a deodorant-removing sponge, in case you accidentally get white marks on your clothes when you're getting ready in a hurry. Reviewers say that it’s also great for removing laundry detergent residue.

    A deodorant-removing sponge next to a black shirt and a stick of deodorant

    21. A four-piece set of drill brush heads that'll transform your power tools into cleaning gadgets, so you can put in less elbow grease when you clean. From gross grout lines to fingerprint-covered window panes, your built-up dirt and grime will be no match for your new high-powered cleaning tools.

    The four brush heads on drills cleaning various areas of a bathroom

    22. A pack of all-natural boot-cleaning cloths that are powerful enough to remove even the toughest stains. They're also great for jackets and handbags, so go ahead and wipe down your whole wardrobe with 'em.

    23. A rolling pet hair-removing brush that'll rid your furniture of stray fur in just a few swipes. It can be used on both hard and soft surfaces, so you can even use it to clean your floors.

    A person cleaning their sofa with the pet hair-removing brush

    24. A pack of nutrient-dense fertilizer spikes that are packed with vitamins to keep your greenery happy and healthy. They can even help revive those on the verge of death and save you from unnecessary plant funerals.

    25. A pair of silicone grooming gloves that’ll trick your four-legged friend into thinking they're getting a massage, when you’re actually de-shedding them. If you want to give your dog a real spa experience, throw them on while you’re giving them a bath.

    The grooming glove full of pet hair held in front of a dog

    26. A pack of extra-large acne patches that you can use to cover those annoying little colonies of breakouts on your nose and cheeks. Not only will they draw the gunk out of your zits, but they'll stop you from picking at them, too.

    Two people wearing the acne patches

    27. And finally, a cleaning kit that'll make your cooktop look good as new in just a few minutes. Just apply the cream to your burners, wait a few minutes for it to sink in, and then scrub away the gunk with the spongey cleaning tool. For super stubborn messes, you can scrape off build up with the razor.

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