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    27 Things From Amazon Canada That'll Probably Come In Handy

    Adding 'em all to my cart.

    1. A pack of self-warming eye masks that'll help reduce puffiness and destress your eye area while you nap. The heat will last for 20 minutes, giving you plenty of time to relax.

    A person wearing the mask while sleeping with headphones in

    2. A bottle of waterless dog shampoo that'll save you the struggle of getting your dog into the shower. I use it as a detangler when I'm brushing out my dog's coat and it works like a dream.

    3. An inflatable camping pillow that'll give you a cushy spot to rest your head when you're out in the wild. Reviewers say it only takes a few puffs of air to blow up and that it's super comfortable to sleep on.

    Two people with their heads on camping pillows

    4. A jar of Japanese chili miso sauce that'll make everything you cook taste better. It's not super spicy, so you won't have to worry about it lighting your tongue on fire.

    An avocado with chili miso suace on it

    5. A copy of Bananagrams that's kind of like Scrabble, but without the board, making it a lot easier to travel with. The rules are simple: draw tiles (and keep drawing 'em) to finish your grid. Whoever completes their masterpiece fastest is the winner.

    Two people playing the game at a table

    6. A foldable phone mount that'll keep your screen in view at all times. You can adjust it to the perfect angle, and it has an open base to accommodate your charging cord, so you won't have to remove your gadget to bless it with some juice.

    The phone mount on a bedside table with a phone on it

    7. This four-tier organizer that you can use to store all those extra bits and bobs that won't fit in your cupboards. It has wheels on the bottom, making it easy to move from room to room.

    The organizer in a kitchen with plates, bowls, and kitchen gear on it

    8. This set of colourful sticky notes that'll help you keep track of everything you need to remember, purchase, ponder, and put off.

    The set of sticky notes on a marble table next to a plant

    9. A handy 4-in-1 stud finder that you can use to scan your walls for wood, metal, wires, and embedded objects, saving you from playing any guessing games. Reviewers love that it has a padded face, so it doesn't scratch their paint in the process.

    A person using the stud finder on a brick wall

    10. A Maybelline liner pen that'll help you create the perfect wing with a flick of your wrist. It has over 12,000 positive reviews and people say it lasts all day without smudging.

    A person without winged liner on their eye and a person after applying winged liner

    11. A bestselling mindfulness journal that'll help you learn the art of letting go and chilling out. It's packed with both fun and serious prompts (so you can choose whatever flavour suits you) and positive affirmations that'll see you through your roughest times.

    12. A bamboo shelving unit with a tilt-out hamper that'll free up some space in your bedroom or bathroom. You can easily slide out the inner basket, so you won't have to carry armloads of clothes and linens to your laundry room.

    13. A sturdy chair mat that'll save your floors from getting destroyed when you're wheelin' back and forth. It's transparent, so it won't mess with your home decor vibes.

    A person sitting on an office chair with the mat underneath it

    14. A faux leather record storage box that'll keep your precious albums organized and scratch free. It's designed like a piece of luggage and has a handle on the top, making it easy to tuck away when you're not using it.

    The box on a carpeted floor surrounded by records

    15. A copy of Dark Side of the Spoon, a rock music-inspired cookbook that'll teach you how to whip up some forkin' good food. From "Smashing Pumpkin Pie" to "Fleetwood Mac and Cheese," you'll want to make it all.

    16. This stainless steel watering can that looks like an actual work of art. Reviewers love that it can hold enough water to tend to several plants in one go, so they don't have to keep refilling it.

    The watering can on the wooden ledge of a garden

    17. A trio of tortoiseshell claw clips that'll keep your hair out of your face. Reviewers say their springs are super strong, so they never slip out of their tresses.

    18. A sleek sink organizer that'll keep your kitchen counter neat 'n' tidy. It has space for bottles, brushes, and rags and will catch any excess soap or water that rolls off them.

    Several brushes and bottles in the organizer

    19. A trio of inflatable drink holders that look good enough to eat. Now your ~beveraginos~ can float alongside you in the lake or pool.

    A drink in the holder on a table

    20. A firm wedge pillow that you can slide between your legs for a more comfortable snooze. It has over 8,500 positive reviews and people say it's a lifesaver for anyone who suffers from back or knee pain.

    21. A bamboo sofa tray that'll turn the arm of any chair or couch into a table. Now you won't have to balance your coffee on a cushion and hope for the best (been there, regretted that).

    The tray with a coffee mug and bowl on it resting on the arm of a chair

    22. A six-pack of patterned washi tape rolls that you can use to pretty up your scrapbooks and DIY projects. It'll also come in handy for gift wrapping, so you'll be happy you bought it when the holiday season rolls around.

    The rolls on an open magazine

    23. A six-pack of extra-large loofahs, so you can scrub-a-dub-dub your body wash into a lather. Reviewers say they're gentle and exfoliating at the same time and that they're waaaay fluffier than dollar store alternatives.

    A person hanging a loofah on their faucet

    24. A cast iron pizza pan that'll inspire you to make your own pies instead of ordering in. Reviewers even use it on their barbecues, so it won't gather dust during grilling season.

    A pizza in the pan

    25. A soy wax candle that'll banish all the gross smells in your apartment and replace them with the sweet, sweet scent of birthday cake.

    The candle on a board next to matches

    26. A lipstick-sized hair-removing tool that'll get rid of that annoying peach fuzz in seconds. Reviewers say it removes hairs painlessly and that it doesn't leave behind any redness.

    A person using the tool on their upper lip

    27. And finally, an extra-long bath mat that'll save your floors from turning into an ocean when you step out of the shower. It's made of microfibre, so it'll soak up every last drop of water and feel cushy underneath your feet.

    The marble mat in front of a tub

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