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    22 Nifty Things You Probably Need In Your Life

    Yes please to all of these.

    1. A bottle of CeraVe itch relief lotion that'll be a total lifesaver if you've got a sunburn or skin irritation. It's packed with ceramides and hyaluronic acid to help restore your skin's protective barrier and keep it feeling moisturized.

    A person holding the lotion and applying it to their hand

    2. A chic shelf lamp that'll declutter and illuminate your space at the same time. Thanks to the fabric shade, it'll give off a warm glow instead of burning your retinas.

    The light shelf between a side table and couch with decor on it

    3. A two-tier rolling table that can be converted from a rectangular end table to a full-blown corner desk. If your living room is your office, you probably need this in your life.

    The table converted into a desk pulled up to a couch

    4. A set of ~artsy~ affirmation cards that'll pick you up on your down days. It comes with 40 different designs that are just as pretty as they are encouraging.

    Nine affirmation cards laid out on a marble table

    5. A plastic case that'll keep your rolls of film out of harm's way. It's separated into five sections to keep everything organized and in its place.

    Four cases, one with rolls of film in it

    6. A pastel Tangle Teezer brush that's designed specifically for fine, fragile hair. Not only will it breeze through knots, but it'll help reduce breakage and give you a lil' scalp massage in the process, too.

    A person brushing their hair with the Tangle Teezer

    7. A ceramic microwave ramen cooker that can fit two entire packs of noods so you can actually get in a hearty meal (let's be honest, one is a snack). Reviewers love that the handles stay cool even when it's filled with piping-hot soup.

    The bowl filled with udon on a wooden serving board

    8. A magnetic dry erase board that'll help you keep track of the tasks you want to tackle each week. It's more eco-friendly than a notepad and can easily be erased and adjusted with the included marker.

    The board with two magnets and a marker attached to it

    9. An essential oil diffuser that'll attach right to the air vent of your car. It comes with three scent sticks (eucalyptus; bergamot, lemon, and tea tree; and lemongrass, orange, and mint) so you can choose your own adventure.

    10. A tube of Maybelline eyelash serum that's formulated with amino acids and pro-vitamin B5 to condition and nourish your lashes. Reviewers use it on their eyebrows to encourage growth, too.

    11. A pack of daisy cable ties that'll keep your charging cords and headphones from turning into a tangled tumbleweed. They're also *way* cuter than plain 'ol elastics.

    12. A massive double reading pillow that'll give your back some extra support when you're reading or tapping away on your keyboard in bed. Reviewers say it's wide enough to fit two full-grown adults so you can share the wealth with your partner.

    A person and a child reading with their backs against the pillow

    13. An adorbs plexiglass house that you can use to store all your coffee pods. Now you won't have to go digging through your drawers to find the roast you're looking for.

    The plexiglass house filled with pods between a coffee machine and a cup of coffee

    14. A stainless steel drizzle spoon with a spout edge that'll help you control how much sauce or dressing you're putting on your plate. Reviewers love using it to fill tarts and baked goods, too.

    A person holding the spoon over a bowl

    15. A pack of witchy paper napkins that'll make you wanna cast some spells after you snack. They're great for picnics and events when you don't want to bust out the fine linens.

    The napkins on a placemat

    16. A silicone keyboard cover that'll keep your laptop safe from spills, scratches, and crumbs. It'll also give your gadget an ~aesthetic~ upgrade, and who doesn't want that?

    17. A bottle of ingrown hair treatment oil that'll save you from those irritating post-shave lumps 'n' bumps. It's tangerine- and vanilla-scented, meaning you'll leave your shower smelling like a creamsicle.

    A person putting the oil onto their hand

    18. An extra-large (and extra-absorbent) drying mat that'll keep your wet dishes from turning your counter into an ocean. It's compostable at the end of its life so it's easier on Mother Nature than synthetic alternatives.

    The mat with a full dish rack on top of it

    19. A pack of pink under-eye masks that are packed with collagen, seaweed, and horse chestnut to banish dark circles and keep everything looking 💯. Reviewers say using them helps their makeup apply smoother, too.

    20. A set of acrylic paint markers that you can use to create masterpieces. The pointed tips and chunky, easy-to-grip barrels will give you a bit more precision than you'd get with a brush.

    The 12 markers laid out

    21. A tube of organic paw balm that'll protect your pet's pads from hot sidewalks and snowy streets. Reviewers also use it on their dog's noses to keep them moisturized on dry winter days.

    A person applying the balm to their dog's pads

    22. And finally, an LED makeup mirror that'll magnify your face and allow you to see what you're doing with your tweezers and tools. Thanks to the suction base, it can be stuck to most flat surfaces, including your bathroom tiles and vanity table.

    A person using the mirror while tweezing their brows

    Me to all of these products:

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