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    27 Beautiful Versions Of Stuff You Use Every Day

    You deserve pretty things.

    1. A set of bottle-shaped pantry jars that'll make your cupboards look more Pinterest-worthy than ever before. They're made of borosilicate glass and have cork stoppers so they're more eco-friendly than plastic alternatives.

    A person putting the jars into their cupboard

    2. This stick-on cord organizer with rose gold accents that'll keep your wires from slithering under your desk or getting tangled in your drawer. It's also a great accessory for your car if your dash is looking a little messy.

    A pile of tangled cords and several cords in the organizer

    3. A velvet shell chair that'll double as an office chair, but won't clash with the rest of your living room furniture. A ton of reviewers have purchased it for their makeshift home offices and love that they can sit cross-legged in it.

    The chair in a living room

    4. A pack of gauzy chiffon scrunchies that'll instantly elevate any bun, braid, or pony. They won't catch on your hair like regular bands so you won't have to worry about causing breakage.

    Three people with gauzy scrunchies in their hair

    5. A decorative plexiglass bowl that'll give all your coffee pods a place to call home so they won't clutter up your drawers. Since it's see-through, you'll be able to tell your blondes from your bolds at a single glance.

    Several coffee pods in the bowl beside a mug

    6. A pack of reusable straws that'll help you save the turtles and look cute doing it. They're made of soft silicone so you won't have to stress about chipping a tooth or infusing your water with any weird metallic tastes.

    The straws next to their package

    7. A microfibre drying mat that'll blend right in with your marble countertop (or make it look like you have a marble countertop). It can absorb four times its weight in water so you won't have to worry about anything seeping through.

    A marble drying mat with clean dishes on top of it

    8. A pair of chic curtain tiebacks that'll hold your drapes without messing with your decor aesthetic. They're outfitted with magnets so they won't unravel like plain ol' rope alternatives.

    The curtain ties being used in four different ways

    9. A chic Apple Watch band that looks like a silk scrunchie and is way more ~fashun~ than the sporty styles you typically see. Thanks to the elastic inside, you won't have to mess around with any clasps or buckles.

    A person wearing the band on their wrist

    10. A set of four dinner plates in a mix of muted tones that'll make your dinner table look like it belongs in a magazine. You can grab some matching bowls if you wanna complete your set.

    11. A dry-erase calendar with a gold frame that's equal parts practical and pretty. It comes with a marker that'll clip right onto the board so you won't have to worry about it going MIA.

    The calendar on a gallery wall

    12. A four-pack of patterned tissue dispensers that'll fit conveniently in your car cup holders. Reviewers say they're also great for spaces that don't have a ton of free real estate, like cluttered desks and bedside tables.

    A tissue holder in a car cup holder

    13. A set of satin pillowcases that'll make you feel like you're staying at a five-star hotel instead of your apartment. The silky material won't snag your hair like cotton so you won't have to stress about your tresses being pulled when you toss and turn.

    Two pillows inside of satin pillowcases on a bed

    14. This stainless steel watering can that looks like an actual work of art. Reviewers love that it can hold enough water to tend to several plants in one go, so they don't have to keep refilling it.

    The watering can on the wooden ledge of a garden

    15. This shoe storage shelf that'll keep your sneaks, high tops, and booties organized and looking their best. The top table is also the perfect place to toss your keys and wallet when you get in the door.

    Several pairs of shoes in the organizer

    16. A chic desk mat that'll replace that ratty old mouse pad you've been using forever. It'll cover almost your entire desktop so if you've got any scratches or notches you want to hide, this will be your stylish knight in shining armour.

    A desk pad with a computer, phone, camera, and various other desk accessories on it

    17. A metallic electric lighter that'll ignite your candles, BBQ, and stove burners without an actual flame. It's resistant to wind and rain, making it a true life-saver for camping trips.

    The lighter charging in a computer's USB port

    18. A waterproof pill case that might actually make you excited to take your vitamins because it's so ~aesthetic~. Thanks to the colour-coded grid design, you can divide your doses by times of day or days of the week.

    The open pill case showing the four sections inside

    19. A bamboo shelving unit with a tilt-out hamper that'll free up some space in your bedroom or bathroom. You can easily slide out the inner basket, so you won't have to carry armloads of clothes and linens to your laundry room.

    20. A pair of foil-stamped notebooks that'll make even your most boring study guides and memos more beautiful. Lectures may be boring, but your stationery doesn't have to be.

    The two books on a table

    21. A faux wood trash can that'll make even your used tissues look aesthetically pleasing. The smooth plastic interior is easy to clean, meaning you won't have to worry if it gets gunky — just rinse it out and you'll be good to go.

    The faux wood trash can next to a desk

    22. A metallic jewellery tree that'll keep your everyday necklaces and bangles from gettin' all tangled. You can also use it to keep your masks organized by your door so you won't have to hunt one down every time you want to leave the house.

    23. A glittery case for your Nintendo Switch Lite that'll look stylish as heck and will keep your most-treasured gadget from getting beat up. It comes with a tempered glass screen protector that'll keep your device safe from scratches, too.

    A person holding their Switch Lite with the protective case on it

    24. A trio of fabric bins that'll give all your random doodads a place to live. They have detachable wooden handles and can easily be folded down when you're not using 'em.

    The three bins filled with random goodies

    25. A resin vanity tray that'll make your bathroom counter or toilet tank look a lot fancier. It's great for holding lotions and potions or displaying your favourite pieces of jewellery on.

    Several pieces of jewellery on two resin trays

    26. A trio of tortoiseshell claw clips that'll keep your hair out of your face. Reviewers say their springs are super strong so they never slip out of their tresses.

    27. And finally, this multi-hook coat rack that'll keep jackets from piling up on your chairs. The five hooks can be flipped back into the base when you're not using them so it'll look chic and streamlined when it's not holding your gear.

    A bag and jacket hanging from the rack

    You looking at everything on this list:

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