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    29 Random Products I'm Pretty Sure You'll Wanna Order Immediately

    I can't believe I've been living without these.

    1. A jar of maple pumpkin butter that'll add an autumnal kick to everything you bake. It also tastes great smeared on toast or eaten straight out of the jar (seriously, there's no wrong way to devour this stuff).

    The maple pumpkin butter in front of a pumpkin pie

    2. A set of press-on nails that'll save you from spending half your paycheque on a fancy manicure. Reviewers say they last for weeks and even don't look fake (basically, what we all dream of when it comes to faux talons).

    3. A shower-friendly silicone treat mat that’ll keep your dog distracted while you shampoo them down. It has little fronds that make peanut butter harder to get to so you can give them a full grooming session before they're done snacking.

    4. A pair of Nike Jordan MA2s that'll be your new fave sneakers for fall. They have a thick, cushy sole and heel clips that'll help you remove your shoe using your opposite foot.

    A person wearing the shoes

    5. An itty bitty USB disco ball so you can bring the party with you, wherever you go. Reviewers love how bright it is and say that it can actually light up an entire room.

    USB disco balls plugged into two phones

    6. A spooky bat mug that'll get you in the Halloween spirit. Instead of a traditional handle, you grab this adorbs lil' guy by its wings when you wanna take a sip.

    7. A set of satin pillow cases that'll make you feel like you're staying at a five-star hotel instead of your apartment. The silky material won't snag your hair like cotton so you won't have to stress about your tresses being pulled when you toss and turn.

    Two pillows inside of satin pillowcases on a bed

    8. A tube of Refy brow gel that'll turn those haphazard face caterpillars into works of art. Pop the lid off the top of the brush and you'll find a sculpting comb that'll help you tame your finest hairs and put them in the perfect position.

    9. A drawer organizer that'll keep your desk from becoming a sea of chaos. It has six compartments that you can use to keep your pens, pencils, paperclips, scissors, and other stationery supplies in order.

    A person holding the organizer with stationery supplies in it

    10. A pack of colour-changing unicorn white hot chocolate that's a magical twist on your signature fall drink. Reviewers say it has a bit of a birthday cake flavour so it'll make every chilly day feel like a celebration.

    A mug filled with unicorn hot chocolate surrounded by marshmallows

    11. A galaxy star projector that'll make your walls look like the night sky. It even displays constellations, though you may need a guide to identifying them if you're the opposite of an astronomer.

    The projector projecting a star design onto walls

    12. A corgi notepad that'll help you remember all the tasks you need to tackle. Each line has a lil' checkbox so you can give each item a satisfying tick when you complete it.

    The notepad on a table

    13. A faux leather saddle bag with a removable strap that you can wear on your wrist, on your shoulder, or crossbody (she's a triple threat!). The lining is made from recycled water bottles so it's a little easier on the planet than most purses.

    One bag with a strap and one bag without on a couch

    14. A comfy window hammock for your four-legged friend if they're always stealing your favourite chair. Reviewers love that it's sturdy enough to support growing kittens and felines who have a little more to love (it can hold up to 50 pounds of weight!).

    A cat on the hammock

    15. A bottle of Sally Hansen cuticle gel that'll break down your dehydrated cuticles in a mere 15 seconds so you won't have to go at them with a trimmer. It's packed with moisturizing aloe and chamomile and is also great for softening calluses.

    A person holding a bottle of instant cuticle remover

    16. An oversized corduroy jacket with a faux shearling collar that'll be a welcome change from the jean jacket you've been sporting for years. Because it has a soft lining, you won't even need to wear a sweater underneath to feel cozy.

    17. An over-the-door drying rack that'll save you valuable space in your laundry room. Reviewers say it's great for dorms and smaller apartments that don't have space for a traditional floor version.

    Lingerie hanging off of the drying rack in a laundry room

    18. A pair of chic fluted glasses in a cranberry tone that'll match your fall decor. They're more interesting than your average wine glasses and will add a pop of colour to your tablescape, too.

    Two glasses on a blank background

    19. A ventilated laptop stand that'll keep you from slouching over your screen while you work. It folds up so you can take it with you when you aren't doing business from the comfort of your own home.

    A laptop on top of the stand

    20. A three-pack of Nike ankle socks in autumnal colours that you won't mind peeking out between your jeans and sneaks. The sweat-wicking material will also save your from finishing your workout with swampy feet.

    The three pairs of socks laid out

    21. A pair of mesh seat separators that'll block kids and pets from crawling into the front seat of your car. They've got two built-in pockets so you can store your trinkets and treasures in them, too.

    A mess of items on a car seat and the same stuff in an organizer

    22. A pair of heated frog slippers that'll keep your feet warm all fall and winter long. Just plug 'em in and let their magical powers thaw your tootsies.

    A person wearing the slippers

    23. A bottle of ultra-hydrating Mario Badescu facial spray that'll give your morning routine a luxurious lil' upgrade. It'll save your skin from dryness and pack it with nourishing herbs and oils, making you feel fresh, fine, and fierce in just a few spritzes.

    A person holding the Mario Badescu spray

    24. A set of classic Lodge pan scrapers that are more powerful than regular sponges and will help you get hardened-on bits of food off your pots and pans. Reviewers love that they can use them while pans are still hot and don't have to worry about them melting.

    25. A puffy laptop sleeve that'll keep your computer protected while you're boppin' around town. It's so comfy, you could also use it as a pillow when you need to take a sneaky library nap between classes.

    A person holding the laptop case at their hip

    26. A pair of tiny zipper lights that'll help you find your front door keys on the darkest of nights. Reviewers also attach them to their dogs' collars to keep them visible when they go out in the evening.

    The light attached to a person's jacket zipper

    27. A bottle of Fable & Mane pre-wash hair oil that's formulated with ashwagandha and castor oil to strengthen, nourish, and repair your damaged tresses. Reviewers say it's made their hairline is fuller and that it's a godsend for anyone with a dry scalp.

    The bottle of hair oil surrounded by plants

    28. A set of adhesive bear-shaped phone grips that'll attach right to your phone socket and allow you to keep an eye on your map while you're driving. The bear's ears can be used to hold cables if you have any loose cords hanging around your dash.

    A person placing their phone socket into the bear-shaped phone mount

    29. And finally, a reusable tote and trio of produce bags that'll make your grocery store adventures a bit more eco-friendly. Plus they'll save you from trying to work with the flimsy plastic alternatives you get at the supermarket (a win-win in my book).

    The four bags piled on top of each other

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