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    31 Things Under $15 That I Can't Stop Thinking About

    Bet you'll order at least one.

    1. A box of cinnamon bun Oreos that'll tantalize your tastebuds. If you love cinnamon buns but hate the effort it takes to make them, these will be right up your alley.

    The box of Oreos on a white background

    2. A tube of cult-favourite Essence Lash Princess mascara that'll lift your lashes to the high heavens and keep them there. It'll make your hairs look longer, too, so you won't need to apply flasies for a ~dramatic~ look.

    3. A silicone AirPod case that's shaped like your favourite late night snack. It'll keep your earbuds safe from scratches and comes with a carabiner so you can clip it to your bag or wallet.

    A person holding an AirPod in front of the case

    4. A tub of Weiman tarnish-removing wipes that'll make all your beautiful baubles look brand new again. They also work on cutlery if your utensils are starting to look a little worse for wear.

    To the left: a very tarnished ring, to the right: the same ring in clean silver

    5. A water bottle strap that'll make it easy to tote around your canteen when you don't have space in your bag. It's made of stretchy silicone so you won't have to struggle to get it over your bottle.

    The strap on a water bottle

    6. A trio of snap-in spiral notebook dividers that'll help you keep your essay prep and lecture notes organized. They have rulers printed onto them so you can use them to take measurements, too.

    Two dividers, one inside a notebook

    7. A tub of Maybelline brow pomade that'll help you turn those sparse face caterpillars into perfectly fluffy arches. It comes with a double-ended brush that'll make sculpting, filling, and blending a total breeze.

    A person using the pomade and brush to fill in their brows

    8. A password logbook if you can never remember your login info for anything. It has spaces for websites, software license numbers, and home network settings (basically, all the important stuff).

    9. A pack of mess-free slow cooker liners so you won't have to clean your entire appliance every time you make soup or stew. Reviewers say they're super durable and won't break, even when you're whipping up a huge batch of something.

    A slow cooker with two liner bags inside of it

    10. A 30-pack of cable clips that'll save you from crawling under your desk to retrieve fallen cords. They have an adhesive backing so you can stick 'em to almost any smooth surface.

    11. A bottle of Sally Hansen cuticle gel that'll break down your dehydrated cuticles in a mere 15 seconds so you won't have to go at them with a trimmer. Reviewers say that it's also great for softening calluses if your foot file just isn't doing it for you.

    A person holding a bottle of instant cuticle remover

    12. A pack of washing machine cleaning wipes that'll help you banish mould, mildew, and built-up nastiness from your laundry appliances. Reviewers say that their textured surface helps traps even the smallest pieces of lint and hair.

    A person cleaning the rubber gasket of their washing machine with one of the wipes

    13. A set of plant trays that'll keep your water and fertilizer from dripping out of drainage holes and onto your furniture. Reviewers say they work better than more expensive alternatives they've tried and love that they don't buckle under the pressure weightier pots.

    Two plants in the plant tray

    14. A pedicure sponge that's infused with shea butter, tea tree oil, and olive oil that'll leave your feet feeling and smelling, like, stupid good. Reviewers say it's amazing for people with cracked feet and that it washes away dead skin cells like no one's business.

    15. A poop bag carrier that'll save you from having to use your one free hand to hold your dog's business while you're out on a walk. It's compatible with all types of leashes so you won't have to switch up what you're working with.

    16. A silicone Apple Watch charging stand that'll give your gadget a home on your desk or bedside table. Reviewers love that there's space inside for extra cord so it'll reduce clutter, too.

    The stand with an apple watch on it

    17. A bottle of L'Oréal matte liquid eyeliner that'll add a pop of colour to your ~lewk~. It's waterproof and transfer-resistant so you won't need to stress about it migrating around your face or smudging.

    A person wearing the blue liner on their lids

    18. A pre-written grocery checklist so you'll never leave the supermarket without your essentials again. It has all the basics printed out, plus room for you to jot down any extras.

    A grocery checklist on a table beside a pen

    19. A case of hypoallergenic earring backs that'll come in handy the next time the fasteners for your studs go MIA. They're also a great alternative if metal earring backs tend to pinch or irritate your lobes.

    Plastic earring backs attached to several studs

    20. A tub of Burt's Bees overnight lip treatment that's packed with ceramide oils, shea butter, and beeswax to soothe and hydrate your pout. Reviewers say it saves their lips from peeling and flaking like nothing else.

    A person holding a tub of the treatment

    21. A bottle of Canadian-made Heartbeat hot sauce that'll help ~spice up your life~ so you won't be stuck munching on yet another bland meal. They pack a punch in the flavour department but won't put your taste buds out of commission for a week.

    A perosn holding two bottles of hot sauce

    22. A tube of epsom salt gel that'll soothe your tired and achy feet without even having to get in a bath. It's packed with aloe vera and cooling mint so it'll soften your skin and leave your feet smelling a hundred times better.

    A person holding a tube of epsom salt foot gel in front of their feet

    23. An ultra-slim trash can that can be slid into your home's most inconvenient crannies. I have one in my bathroom between my bathtub and my toilet (a space that would otherwise get zero use).

    The trash can under a desk

    24. A pack of eyebrow razors that you can use to shape your brows, shave away fine hairs, and smooth your skin (a triple whammy!). Reviewers say they're also awesome for removing peach fuzz and won't irritate sensitive skin.

    25. A self-grooming brush that'll make your pet an independent feline who can pet themself. Reviewers say it works wonders for shedding and that their cats love rubbing their bods against its bristles.

    a cat rubbing its face against the self-grooming brush

    26. A pack of reusable interdental brushes that have soft nylon bristles and are small enough to fit in your pocket. They're way more effective than traditional floss and are especially great if you have permanent retainers.

    27. A set of satin pillow cases that'll make you feel like you're staying at a five-star hotel instead of your apartment. The silky material won't snag your hair like cotton so you won't have to worry about your tresses being pulled when you toss and turn.

    Two pillows inside of satin pillowcases on a bed

    28. A bottle of fresh ball spray that'll keep your junk smelling like a woodsy floral bouquet, instead of, well, junk. It'll also keep your nether region fresh, dry, and comfortable so you won't have to do as much "adjusting" over the course of your day.

    Three bottles of the spray

    29. A pack of Clean & Clear oil-blotting sheets that'll soak up any unwanted oil from your face. They won't smudge your makeup or leave behind residue so you won't have to do any major touchups.

    A person holding three packs of blotting papers

    30. A metal over-the-cabinet towel bar that'll save you from hanging all of your kitchen linens from your oven. Reviewers use it in their bathrooms for their hand towels, too.

    The bar inside a cabinet with a towel hanging from it

    31. And finally, a moisturizing cocoa butter stick that'll help combat dry lips, soothe and smooth flaky patches, and heal scars. Reviewers love that it's larger than a tube of lip balm (it's about the size of a glue stick) so they can use it on larger patches of skin.

    The swivel stick next to a flower

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