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    52 Gifts To Order If You Like To Get Your Holiday Shopping Done Really, Really Early

    From skincare sets to tech gadgets to kitchen essentials (and everything in between).

    1. A bestselling matcha starter kit that'll save them from spending, like, $8 on green tea lattes every morning. It comes with a whisk, a scoop, and a sifter, plus a handbook that'll teach them everything they could ever want to know about matcha.

    2. An itty-bitty power bank so they can juice up their phone when they're on the go. Reviewers love that it's 0% bulky and say it's great for travelling because it's so small and lightweight.

    A person plugging the charger into their phone

    3. An iconic Everywhere belt bag for the days when they don't wanna lug around a giant tote (me, every day). It has an easy access exterior pocket, plus one inside to keep their essentials organized.

    4. A smart air purifier if they're a real Monica Geller and love handy gifts. It'll cleanse their home of pet dander, dirt particles, and any other grossness that's floating around — reviewers say it even works wonders on cigarette smoke.

    The air purifier on a table in front of a person sitting on a couch

    5. A Tatcha set that'll bless them with a whole slew of bougie skincare essentials to try out. It comes with three of the brand's hero dewy products — a cleanser, a serum, and a moisturizer — and, best of all, they're all small enough to travel with.

    The three products on a table

    6. A corduroy tote that'll be their new go-to bag for everything from textbooks to farmer's market hauls. It has a smaller pocket on the outside for essentials, so they won't have to go digging around the bottom for their phone or keys.

    The bag hanging on a hook

    7. A copy of Carrie Soto Is Back if they're a Taylor Jenkins Reid stan (I mean, who isn't these days). The book follows the story of the titular character, a retired tennis player, who is returning to the game to reclaim her record. Obviously, because it's written by TJR, there are plenty of emotional backstories and personal dramas involved.

    The book on a tennis court surrounded by rackets and balls

    8. A pack of temporary floral tattoos if they've been saying they want a new tattoo over and over again, but aren't sure what they wanna get or where they wanna get it. Now they can try out a few styles without having to stick with them forever.

    Two people with different floral temporary tattoos on their bods

    9. A faux pilea or snake plant if they've killed every plant they've ever bought. Instead of bringing them a new victim, grab 'em one of these doppelgängers — they look so real, no one will know they've failed at growing their own greenery.

    10. A COSORI air fryer that'll give them all the joys of fried food without having to mess around with spattering oil. If they don't wanna stick around the kitchen while it gets down to business, they can pair it with the companion app — it'll allow them to monitor their cook time and switch up the settings remotely.

    The air fryer and a phone monitoring its progress

    11. A reversible lululemon yoga mat so they'll finally stop attempting their headstands on their hardwood floor. The surface is grippy (and antimicrobial!), so they won't slide out of their downward dog until they're ready to switch positions.

    The mat being rolled out

    12. A Sol de Janeiro kit that comes with the brand's cult-favourite Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream, along with a body wash, body scrub, and fragrance mist. Everyone will be complimenting them on how great they smell, and they'll have you to thank for it.

    The set of Sol de Janeiro products in front of their box

    13. A garment steamer because their clothes live in a wrinkly pile on the floor and that's not changing anytime soon. It takes under a minute to preheat and can be folded up nice 'n' tiny for storage and travel.

    A person using the steamer on a shirt in two different ways

    14. A pair of Birkenstocks with cozy shearling lining to replace their busted house slippers. They have the tread of a regular pair o' Birks, so your pal won't go slipping and sliding if they have to dash out the door for a quick sec.

    15. A Fellow kettle that'll inspire them to make their coffee every morning, instead of paying a barista to do it for them. They can set the temperature to their liking, so they won't be stuck waiting for their scalding-hot cuppa joe to chill.

    16. A pack of Paint Lab press-on nails that'll save them from spending half their paycheque on a fancy manicure. I, personally, have a very shaky hand and cannot fathom the idea of doing my own nail art – if they're the same, they'll probably love these.

    A person wearing the press-on nails

    17. A Vigyl candle in the scent "Hell Yes" that'll leave their apartment smelling like 👼heaven👼. It's base is spicy, but it has notes of cyclamen, lime, white lily, and neroli, blessing it with hints of floral goodness and freshness.

    18. A pair of Beats Fit Pro earbuds that won't pop out when they least expect them to (like in the middle of a run). Reviewers say their noise-cancelling power is unparalleled and that they're so comfy, they can even wear them to sleep.

    A person putting their earbuds in their case

    19. A bestselling wedge pillow that'll help ease their lower back pain so they can actually get some rest. Because it can be used in a whopping seven different configurations, they can constantly change how their using it.

    A person with their feet up on the pillow and a person leaning against the pillow

    20. A recipe book where they can jot down their famous cookie recipe (and all their other winning culinary endeavours). It comes with four gold measuring spoons that'll make all their baking adventures more ~aesthetic~.

    The measuring spoons next to the recipe book

    21. A Rare Beauty blush trio they can use to find (or mix) their perfect shade. Reviewers rave about how pigmented the colours are and say they're a breeze to blend, too.

    The blushes next to their box

    22. A reusable water bottle that comes with not one, not two, but three lids, so they can really customize their sipping experience. I have the second-to-largest size, and I am obsessed — it keeps my water super icy for hours and hours (like, it'll still have the actual ice cubes that I put in it at night janglin' around when I wake up in the morn).

    The three lids on the water bottle

    23. A Jenny Bird anklet if they've already got enough bracelets and necklaces in their stash, but would never say no to new jewellery.

    A person wearing the anklet

    24. A Fable & Mane duo that'll save them from bad hair days. It comes with a scalp-soothing serum and a pre-wash oil that'll address any issues that may befall their tresses, from root to tip.

    The duo in its box surrounded by houseplants

    25. A set of coasters because who wants water rings on their furniture? Not them, that's for sure. These ones have a funky wood and marble design and are pretty enough to keep on display.

    The coasters on a table surrounded by munchies

    26. A pair or Le Specs sunnies that'll give them major points in the style department (and keep their eyes safe from searing UV rays).

    27. A copy of Korean American by Eric Kim that'll teach them how to master the art of cooking drool-worthy fusion foods, like caramelized-kimchi baked potatoes and cheeseburger kimbap.

    The cover of the book

    28. A pumpkin spice Laneige lip mask because, in my humble opinion, Laneige lip masks are like Pokémon — you've gotta catch 'em all (and so does everyone on your holiday gift list). This is the newest flavour and will have them smellin' like PSL season 365 days a year.

    The Laneige lip mask on a pile of pumpkins

    29. A snake chain phone sling from Casetify that'll be their new fave accessory. Not only does it look like a ~chic~ layering piece, but it'll keep them from dropping and smashing their device (a total win-win in my books).

    30. A squiggly candle holder if they live for funky home decor. It has enough space for three candles and makes for a great centrepiece.

    31. A portable Apple Watch charger so their device won't die on them before they get the chance to close their rings. It can fully charge a watch up to four times before it'll need more juice, so it won't have to be plugged in all the dang time.

    A watch on the charger

    32. A Biossance set that'll overhaul their whole skincare routine in the best way possible. It comes with all the squalane-packed staples they could ever need: an eye cream, a plumping serum, a repair cream, and vitamin C rose oil.

    The items surrounded by fairy lights

    33. A shiatsu neck massager that'll knead out their knots and make their aches and pains melt away. Thanks to it's unique shape, they can also use it on other areas (reviewers love using it on their backs and legs).

    A person wearing the massager at their desk and in a car

    34. A pack of TONYMOLY masks if they seriously treasure their self-care time. It comes with six different masks enhanced with natural superfoods (like cactus, coconut, and aloe) that'll leave their skin feeling amazing.

    35. A pair of Jenny Bird link earrings for anyone who loves statement jewellery. When they want something a bit more low-key, they can detach the second link — they're completely customizable.

    A person wearing a link earring in their lobe

    36. A pack of magnetic false eyelashes that'll give them the long, luscious lashes they've dreamed of without having to mess around with glue. All they'll have to do is line their upper lash line with the included liquid liner (it has magnetic particles in it), use the tweezer tool to line the falsies up with their real lashes, and let them magnetize together.

    A pack of five pairs of false eyelashes, the magnetic liner, and the tweezer tool

    37. A crossbody bag that has not one, but two pouches where they can stash their stuff. The larger of the two has a drop-in pocket with card slots, so they won't even need to bring a wallet when they rock it.

    38. A tarot card deck inspired by The Lord of the Rings that'll give them the mystical powers of Gandalf and let them see into the future — OK, not exactly, but they might be able to make a few predictions with its help. And don't worry, it comes with a guidebook, which means they won't have to be a seasoned pro to use it.

    39. An OLED Nintendo Switch if gaming is their passion. It'll bless them with even better graphics and resolution than the OG version, and it's small enough to pop in their bag so they can take it with them on all their trips.

    The switch on a table

    40. A pack of light-up lightsaber chopsticks that'll make them feel like Luke Skywalker every time they sit down for a meal. Now all they'll have to do is choose their side: Jedis or Siths (don't stress, the set comes with both).

    Two pairs of chopsticks

    41. A pair of itty-bitty 14-karat gold Mejuri hoops if they love minimalist jewellery and could use a new staple pair. They look great solo, but are obvi great for stacking, too.

    A person wearing a hoop earring in their ear

    42. A bottle of truffle-infused hot sauce because you know they love a high-class condiment. It's the perfect blend of heat, sweetness, and decadence, making it a true triple threat.

    A person holding the bottle of hot sauce in front of a toaster and plants

    43. A DIY pottery kit that'll give them an excuse to take up a new hobby. It comes with enough supplies to make six small pots (or two large pots), plus all the tools and a guidebook, so they can get started right away.

    44. A pair of noise-cancelling Apple AirPods Max if they think earbuds are, to quote Hilary Duff, 🎶 so yesterday 🎶. Reviewers say they're the best wireless headphones they've ever used and that the padding is so comfy, they can wear them all day long without irritation.

    A person wearing the headphones while working on a computer

    45. A oversized full-zip sweater so they can lounge in style this winter. It has thumbholes on the cuffs that'll save the arms from bunching up when they layer a jacket over top.

    Melina wearing the sweater and showing off the thumbholes

    46. A copy of Journal 29 if they've never met a puzzle or riddle they didn't love. They can check that their answers are correct by scanning QR codes with their phone, so they'll know when they're ready to move onto the next phase.

    A person writing in the journal

    47. A jewellery stand that'll keep their rings, necklaces, and bracelets from turning into a tangled mess. Since the base is a catchall dish, they can use it to store smaller baubles and accessories, too.

    The stand with a bunch of different jewellery pieces on it

    48. A Spikeball set that'll make them feel like a kid again and inspire some healthy competition amongst their family and friends. The two-on-two game involves "spiking" the ball onto the net so it bounces toward their opponent. It sounds simple, but trust me, it requires some ~finesse~.

    Four people playing Spikeball on a lawn

    49. A soufflé pancake light that'll add some much-needed cuteness to their desk sitch. It'll automatically shut off after an hour, so it'd also make a great nightlight if they hate drifting off in pitch-black darkness.

    50. A scratch-off map for the nomad who just can't stop jetsetting. Now they'll be able to remember where they've been (and where they still have left to go).

    51. An optical illusion lamp that'll add a bit of light to their bedside table and double as decor. Reviewers say it's bright enough for reading, but that it doesn't give off a major glare (great if they've got a snoozing partner next to them).

    The butterfly lamp on a table

    52. And finally, a Buddha Board that'll have them finding their zen through art. It's basically an adult Etch A Sketch — they can create masterpieces with the included brush in water, and their doodles will disappear as the water evaporates.

    A person painting a flower on their Buddha Board

    Them when you give them their present:

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