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    I Don't Mean To Alarm You, But These 24 Things All Cost Less Than $5 On Amazon Canada

    Cheap, but also really freaking great.

    1. A handy faux loonie and quarter coin so you can always get a shopping cart — even when you're fresh outta change. They're made of sturdy plastic that won't get caught in the slot and can easily be looped onto your keyring (meaning you'll never be without them).

    A person putting the coin into a grocery cart

    2. A bag of toasted coconut smiles that you can sprinkle on your smoothie bowls to give 'em a tropical boost. Reviewers love adding them to salads and desserts, too.

    A bag of coconut smiles next to a bowl of coconut smiles

    3. A copy of Star Wars Mad Libs that'll have you creating funny fill-in-the-blank stories featuring your favourite Jedis. You may not have cry-laughed during The Empire Strikes Back, but these twisted tales are sure to leave you chuckling.

    The cover of the Mad Libs book

    4. A bottle of St. Ives body wash that's formulated with oatmeal and shea butter to soothe and moisturize your skin. Reviewers love the vanilla scent and say it lathers up like a dream.

    May holding the bottle of body wash

    5. A three-pack of Pears soap bars that'll help you achieve the full, fluffy brows of your dreams. Simply swipe a spoolie across the top of a dampened bar, then get to brushin' those tiny hairs into place.

    6. A pack of birthday cake Oreos that'll make every day feel like a party. If you love sandwich cookies and funfetti, these will probably be your new favourite snack.

    The pack of cookies on a blank background

    7. An e.l.f. lip liner with a unique triangle-shaped tip that'll make it easy to create a thick or thin line around your pout. Reviewers love how creamy it is and say that the colour lasts all day long.

    Several lip liners laid out

    8. A pair of hydrating Aveeno hand masks if your digits could use a little TLC and hand cream just isn't cutting it. Reviewers say they're great for eczema and can transform even the driest, most cracked hands.

    9. A baking soda deodorizer that'll suction right to the inside wall of your fridge and keep your appliance from getting stinky. Reviewers love that it doesn't take up valuable shelf space like the traditional boxed version.

    A baking soda deodorizer in its package

    10. A pack of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sheets that'll make cleaning up messes in hard-to-reach places a lot easier. They're more flexible than an OG Magic Eraser, meaning they can get them into tinier nooks and crannies.

    11. A tube of Maybelline Great Lash mascara that's been around forever and still deserves all the awards for being so awesome. It'll condition your wispies and won't leave your hairs all clumped together (what more could you want in a mascara?).

    A person applying the mascara

    12. A three-pack of orange-flavoured Tic Tacs that you'll wanna keep in your bag at all times. You could also opt for the mint ones if you're looking to freshen your breath (they're also under $5).

    13. A Revlon nail file that you can use to buff your talons to perfection. One side is designed for smoothing while the other has a a coarser grain and can be used to even out jagged edges.

    A person holding two nail files

    14. A pack of erasers for when you need to edit your own work. They're latex-free and won't make crumbly messes like traditional rubber alternatives.

    The six erasers in a circle

    15. A pack of colour-changing white hot chocolate that's a magical twist on your signature fall drink. Reviewers say it tastes like birthday cake flavour, making it even more delish.

    A mug filled with unicorn hot chocolate surrounded by marshmallows

    16. A book of temporary shark tattoos if your love for Shark Week is next level. It may even inspire you to get some legit ink (I mean, a sleeve of a great whites and hammerheads seems pretty cool to me).

    17. A tub of cocoa butter Vaseline that'll bring some moisture back into your Sahara-dry skin. Reviewers say the scent is heavenly and love using it as a lip mask when their smiles feel like sandpaper.

    The tub of cocoa butter vaseline on a blank background

    18. A pack of chisel-tipped BIC highlighters that'll make your most important notes stand out. As an added bonus, they won't dry out when you leave their caps off for hours.

    A person highlighting something in a magazine

    19. A relaxing Clean & Clear jelly sheet mask that'll soothe your skin with the help of seaweed extract and hyaluronic acid. Reviewers love that it has a cooling effect and say it leaves their skin looking soft, plump, and healthy.

    Three jelly sheet masks in their packaging

    20. A colouring book for adults filled with under-the-sea doodles for you to shade in. They're so pretty, you may even wanna hang them on your walls when you're done.

    The cover of the book

    21. A shaker of Old Bay that should be called Old Bae, because you'll put it before anything else in your pantry. It's a must for any seafood lover and is equally delightful on veggies if you're plant-based or tend to steer clear of under-the-sea foods.

    Alice holding a shaker of Old Bay seasoning over a bowl of cauliflower

    22. A pocket-sized tube of shoe goo to help repair your busted footwear. Reviewers love that it's completely waterproof and transparent, so it'll protect your kicks without ruining how they look.

    A person applying the shoe goo to a sandal

    23. A Wet n Wild retractable eyeliner pencil that you can use to smudge out your lashline or fill in your waterline. It's waterproof, meaning you won't have to reapply after a rainstorm.

    Several eyeliners laid out

    24. And finally, a box of Annie's white cheddar mac for when you've got a case of the munchies, but are too lazy to cook yourself a feast.

    A bowl of white mac shells next to their box

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