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    If You Wanna Make Your Life A Bit Easier, These 24 Useful Amazon Canada Finds Will Probably Do The Trick

    I'm all for problem-solving stuff.

    1. A blade brush that'll keep you safe while you scrub down your knives. It won't take up any kitchen space, either — when you're done using it, just slip it onto the side of your sink or drying rack.

    2. A silicone cord wrap if your cables are constantly in a tangled mess. Reviewers love that it keeps their earbuds from getting knotted and that the bright colour makes it easy to find in the bottom of their bags.

    3. A bottle of plant-based, paraben-free EcoTools makeup brush shampoo that you can use to de-gunk your beauty tools. It's strong enough to get all the built-up product off your brushes so you won't have to worry about germs.

    4. A stainless steel dough scraper with measurement conversions written right on it (you'll never have to Google with flour-covered hands again!). It can double as a pizza slicer if you don't want to invest in *another* kitchen gadget that only does one job.

    A person cutting dough with the tool

    5. A pack of Clean & Clear oil-blotting sheets that'll soak up any unwanted oil from your face. Because they won't smudge your makeup or leave behind residue, you won't have to do any major touchups after using one.

    A person holding three packs of blotting papers

    6. A jazzy light-up lightning cable that'll save you from saying the words, "where's my phone?" ever again. When your phone is charging it'll shine bright like a diamond, helping you hunt down your gadget in even the darkest of rooms.

    Five lit up charging cables

    7. A sweater brush that you can use to get rid of pills and pet hair once and for all. Thanks to its small size, you can pop it in your purse and bring it with you everywhere you go.

    The sweater brush on the pocket of a sweater

    8. An over-the-door shoe rack that'll give your ever-growing collection of booties, sneakers, and sandals a place to call home. It'll also clear up space in your entryway so you won't have to wade through a sea of footwear when you get in the door.

    The rack hanging on a door with several pairs of shoes on it

    9. A pre-written grocery checklist so you and your roommates can check things off as they run out. It has all the basics printed out, plus room for you to jot down any extras.

    A person filling out the grocery checklist

    10. A shampoo brush that'll give you a spa-level scalp massage while removing dandruff and styling product residue from your roots. Since it has an ergonomic handle, it'll be easy to grip, even when it's covered in suds.

    A silicone brush with pointy bristles and a thick handle

    11. An acrylic monitor riser that'll stop you from slumping by keeping your screen at eye level. It'll also help declutter your desk — you can even store your keyboard and mouse underneath when you're done work for the day.

    12. A handbag organizer with plenty of pockets that'll prevent the inside of your tote from looking like a bottomless pit of junk. Reviewers love that it's waterproof (so spills aren't a problem) and that the zippers keep their stuff from spilling out.

    The organizer inside a Louis Vuitton tote bag

    13. A pack of magnetic bookmarks that'll keep your spot, so you'll never have to sift through pages to find the line you left off on. Reviewers love that they don't add bulk to their books or slip out like paper ones tend to do.

    14. A freezer organizer that'll manage the chaos in your overstuffed appliance. Since it has adjustable dividers, you can shuffle things around to fit your boxes and bags to a T.

    The freezer organizer with boxes and bags of food in it

    15. A colour correcting palette so you can create the perfect, even base for the rest of your glam. Whether you want to cover dark circles under your eyes or conceal an irritated zit, this is bound to come in handy.

    16. An ultrasonic jewellery cleaner that'll make your baubles sparkle with the light of a thousand suns. Reviewers say it works better than the countless dips and polishing cloths they've tried and love that they can use it on other household items (like glasses and utensils).

    A ring before and after being cleaned with the ultrasonic jewellery cleaner

    17. A pair of stainless steel tongue scrapers that you can use to rid your mouth of nasty buildup and bacteria. Reviewers rave about how using them has helped freshen their breath, too.

    A set of tongue scrapers beside their package

    18. A memory foam mattress topper that'll make your sleeping situation *way* more comfortable. Reviewers say it's the perfect balance of firm and soft and that it doesn't hold onto body heat like regular mattresses do.

    A person lifting the mattress pad

    19. A crush-proof watch case that'll keep your favourite accessory safe from scuffs and scratches. It has cushioned lining inside and comes with a microfibre polishing cloth that you can use to make your timepiece shine.

    A person holding the watch and the case

    20. A pair of gel toe separators that’ll relieve aches and pains and properly align your toes. Reviewers say they're comfortable enough to wear around the house and have noticed a major difference in their bunions and plantar fasciitis since using them.

    A person's feet with toe separators between their toes

    21. A case of hypoallergenic earring backs because, let's face it, all the fasteners for your studs have gone MIA. They're also a great alternative if metal earring backs tend to pinch or irritate your lobes.

    Plastic earring backs attached to several studs

    22. A silicone Apple Watch charging stand that'll give your gadget a home on your desk or bedside table. Reviewers love that there's space inside for extra cord so it'll reduce clutter, too.

    The stand with an apple watch on it

    23. A tube of Aquaphor healing ointment that'll soothe your chafed and chapped skin, leaving it moisturized and silky smooth. Reviewers say it's a lifesaver for anyone with cracked lips and that it's more effective than other, more expensive balms and masks.

    A person squeezing the ointment into their hand

    24. And finally, a giant utility tote that you can use to store extra linens, bring giant loads of laundry to and from your washing machine, or as a big ol' grocery bag.

    The utility tote with groceries on a table

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