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I'm Completely Obsessed With These 32 YouTube Commentary Channels — How Many Do You Know?

YouTube Commentary: where opinions go to ✨thrive✨

WHAT'S UP, BuzzFeed! It's ya girl, Alice, coming back atcha with another SUPER FUN quiz piece! But before that, here's a quick word from today's sponsor, SimpleeVPNderwear™️:

Alice Lahoda

Let's talk about COMMENTARY VIDEOS, aka the best way to waste 10 hours watching people dissect literally every second of Disney's Lemonade Mouth.

A screenshot of the YouTube search page for "Lemonade Mouth commentary" shows a slew of different commentary and reaction videos
YouTube / Via

The YouTube commentary scene has absolutely blown up recently, and I want to know how many of these excellent creators you watch!

Who's your favorite commentary YouTuber? Who did I miss? Sound off below!

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