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50 Funny And Depressing Tweets That Perfectly Describe What It Was Like To Be A Woman This Year

"My ideal summer body is one that I have complete control over." —@omgskr

In the immortal words of Lily Allen, "it's hard out here for a bitch" — and this year was no exception. Let's take our time machine back to January and look back at the 50 tweets that sum up the highs and lows of being a woman in 2022.

To start us off, dating has always been a frustrating process for women — but something about 2022 just turned everything up to 11.


someone on this dating app just opened with "how are you enjoying the few rights you have left?"

Twitter: @AnnaAkana


every time one of my guy friends is absolutely heartbroken by a girl i wanna call her and ask how she did it

Twitter: @lilsmichelle



Free dating app bio: Looking for a man who wants to undo my bra not my rights

Twitter: @omgskr


modern day dating is making out at a bar one night and then just watching each other's instagram stories everyday until you die

Twitter: @nazzobetweeting


would you rather jump into burning lava or date a guy who calls women “mid”

Twitter: @abbygov


if I’m still single next year I’m applying for love is blind

Twitter: @edmthotiana


Twitter: @yaitskayy


Men be like “you’ve been different ever since I disrespected you”

Twitter: @Noorthevirgo


all respect for pillow princesses but why is this person on tinder saying shes a pillow princess looking for other pillow princesses..... girl who is doing the work

Twitter: @jubricant


My newest passion is making up sex positions when weird dudes ask my favorite. I'm a big fan of the Flying Lacrosse Kick, but I also really like the Tightrope Nanny.

Twitter: @shannonconways


My secret to making condoms more comfortable is telling men how badly I want a baby

Twitter: @ginnyhogan_


whenever i clean my vibrator in the sink i feel like i’m in a dawn commercial washing a duckling that’s been in an oil spill

Twitter: @anne_sundell

Being a mom in 2022 was wild, especially when motherhood and dating intersected.


One of y’all son’s has a crush on my daughter and gave her his glasses today. His prescription glasses that he cannot see without. Just like a boy doing anything to impress a girl. Giving up the gift of sight is crazy 😂😩

Twitter: @IamKiraJ

Chivalry isn't dead.


the next time somebody makes a comment that my 10 month old daughter is "flirting" or has another baby as a "boyfriend," i'm going to tell them that it's weird to project sexuality onto infants and besides, she's a lesbian

Twitter: @morninggloria


doing everything in my power to steer my 5yo away from buying "ball gag teddy bear" over here

Twitter: @LizerReal

There were so many men who got off on screaming at women online this year.

(On this note, please stop emailing me about how I'm a bitch for making fun of Elon Musk. He deserves it, and he's not going to fuck you.)


woman commenting: “yeah men suck” man replying: “of course you’d say that you disgusting ugly cunt, how about I punch you in the mouth. you’re so fat and ugly. It’s a shame what the world has come to, women deserve less for this exact comment. I would burn you at the stake if gi

Twitter: @carobunga


The least funny men in the whole world will use Twitter to complain to their 17 followers about any woman who has ever had a joke go viral

Twitter: @ginnyhogan_


I’ve already had to block someone (a man) who followed me and immediately slid into my DMs to “make me laugh” all before 8am. Spooky season truly is upon us.

Twitter: @Ciarabelles

Frankly, offline men aren't anything to write home about either.


me when the maintenance man comes & my man not home

Viacom Media Networks / Via Twitter: @invis4yo

And then there's the whole "a man who didn't win the popular vote became president and nominated several men who then helped overturn Roe v. Wade" nightmare.


chalk slay 🤞 hoping to piss off some of the idiots in my neighborhood facebook group

Twitter: @magnoliaadelle


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a thousand times: The treatment for an ectopic pregnancy, a septic uterus, or a miscarriage that your body won’t release is abortion. If you can’t get those abortions, you die. You. Die.

Twitter: @Strandjunker


My ideal summer body is one that I have complete control over

Twitter: @omgskr


if you’re saying abortion should ONLY happen if a woman is raped or abused, you’re basically saying that she has to be violated FIRST to have access to a basic human right.

Twitter: @inthiswcrld


Making abortion a felony when most states don’t allow felons to vote is effectively reversing the 19th Amendment.

Twitter: @EllenKurz


“pro life” but no baby formula on the shelves? yeah okay.

Twitter: @kenkhristine


just took my plan b with red bull. that baby’s gonna get its wings one way or another

Twitter: @miss_pissyy


Overturning Roe and outlawing abortions will never make them go away. It only makes them more dangerous, especially for the poor + marginalized. People will die because of this decision. And we will never stop until abortion rights are restored in the United States of America.

Twitter: @AOC


Your son made me take plan b after we hooked up but carry on

Twitter: @neenaab3


“They won’t stop with Roe” They didn’t start with it either, you just didn’t consider anti-trans mobilization a legitimate attack on human rights.

Twitter: @alaskastardust

This excellent thread explains why maybe carrying a knife is easier than debating whether people with uteruses deserve rights.


🧵: I'm tired of debating abortion, so now I have a knife. 1/

Twitter: @lizzzzzielogan


What the fuck else am I supposed to do? The issue has been debated to death and back, and at the end of the day, either you think it’s a baby or you don’t. I’m done trying to convince people that everyone should have the right to control their own body. So instead I got a knife.

Twitter: @lizzzzzielogan


What did they expect? That I would just…let them pass draconian abortion restrictions based on a religion that I don’t even fucking subscribe to? Without getting a knife? Might wanna rethink some of these court decisions before things get pointy, if you know what I mean.

Twitter: @lizzzzzielogan


I’m white cis with $. This isn’t about me. It is, because I live in this country and care what happens here, but by and large, I’ll be ok. And because of my privileges I feel confident I will not be super punished for my knife. Unlike an underpaid BIPOC who already has 3 kids—

Twitter: @lizzzzzielogan


Twitter: @lizzzzzielogan


getting a lot of questions about my knife. here it is! regular kitchen carving knife. hottie for display only, not included with purchase. 1- i do not want a gun 2- i do not want to argue 3- what i want is this:

Twitter: @lizzzzzielogan

If you thought things were getting better for women in the workplace...maybe reconsider that opinion.


Guys it's bad here at work. A male colleague of mine took a picture of his dick on top of his payslip and sent to this hun he is pursuing with a caption "allow me to take good care of you".... that picture is with management and HR 😭😭😭

Twitter: @WonderMahlobo


a 40 y/o male colleague asked if i had taken lunch (bc i give it a miss sometimes) and when i said yes he replied "good girl" EW HELP?? 🤢🤮

Twitter: @alexsugarfree


The other day on a fairly important call at work a male colleague was getting visibly annoyed that I was talking more than him so he decided he had to chime in and, of course, he provided the absolutely wrong information so fucking confidently.

Twitter: @_celia_bedelia_


This was in the office babe section on the site 💀

Fashion Nova / Via fashionnova.comTwitter: @foreverimbetter

Speaking of the fashion world...has the industry decided to actually celebrate women's bodies and be more size- and disability-inclusive?



went up to a hot girl to be like “where did you get your yoga pants they look so good” and she was like “amazon, i wouldn’t recommend them, they’re pretty bad quality, i just have a nice body” thank you for your transparency queen

Twitter: @baddanadanabad


[having size 9 shoes on paper]: completely normal, literally the average women’s size in the USA [having size 9 shoes at the store]: greetings Amazonian giantess, we keep your enormous clodhoppers in the shed out back, lest they frighten the villagers

Twitter: @VeryBadLlama


you could do this or you could idk hire a model who actually wears that size

The Cozy Crew / Via thecozycrew.comTwitter: @megelison


I hate when my boobs ruin an outfit. Like we could have been serving cottagecore but thanks to you guys it’s milkmaid MILF

Twitter: @elizamclamb


It is okay to admit when you make a mistake and it's time for us all to acknowledge that we took eyelashes too far

Twitter: @msLAS

Not all women in media thrived this year...


We teach women to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller

Marvel Studios / Disney Production Co. / Via Twitter: @KindaHagi


Girl, we've lost like five different civil rights since The Slap. No one cares.

Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images, Frazer Harrison / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @wagatwe

...but there were a few historic moments that brought us joy.


.@taylorswift13 scores one of the most historic weeks in @billboardcharts history, as she becomes the first artist to claim the #Hot100’s entire top 10 in a single week.

Taylor Swift / Via / Twitter: @billboard



Twitter: @lizzo

And when all else fails, we can always turn to activism:


time to walk on the treadmill and watch the bachelorettes on my ipad. My own personal womens march

Twitter: @quakerraina

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